I Lost My Edges For Autism

tumblr_nvtigucK4I1qeo7tho1_1280i saw ^this on my tumblr timeline earlier.
wtf does cornrows have to do with autism?
that post inspired me to ask the following question


152419some of the shit i see on social media,
the things people do/say,
and the way things are handled are just not connecting for me.
if this is just the beginning then i’m absolutely scared.

seen: here

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “I Lost My Edges For Autism”

  1. Last year he didn’t cut his hair to raise money for autism.When it got really long he decided to put it in cornrows.Every time someone asked him why his hair is in cornrows he explains why and asked them to donate $10 to the autism charity.He has raised a few thousand dollars from people asking why is his hair is in cornrows.

  2. This isn’t necessarily in reference to the guy mentioned but I ask myself the same question several times a week Jamari. I swear people are losing their minds. Crazy is so normal that I have to ask myself am I the crazy one lol. People do and say the weirdest things and people just go along with it.

  3. 😂😂 Okay, thought it was just me peeping this stuff. I’m that friend always saying wtf wrong with this generation. Shit is changing fast, I’m worried about the future.

  4. Oh ok pretty much to bring awareness too! Got it. It’s like an attention drawing gimmick for autism. Y college comment brought light to it. Because I also was side eyeing him like and cursing him out in my head.

  5. I seen this on your Tumblr feed J and I was like what in the entire “F” personally I am offended by this it is like Blackface to me and seems to make some type of mockery of Black people and I understand he is doing this for charity or awareness but I think he could have picked a better platform to raise awareness.

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