I Don’t Want To Be A Hoe Anymore… But Everyone Else Still Does.

i thought i admired “the hoe“.
the part played by many gays in this lifestyle.
i have done some “hoe-ish” things,
but i pretty much avoided the trap.
but i use to admire those who slept with all the fine wolves for some reason.
maybe because they used what they had to get what they wanted.
you call.
you cum.
they fucked and sucked because they genuinely liked it.
they even got a few sex videos lying around for bragging rights.
realistically, all hoes grow up sooner or later.
especially when it starts effecting that bread.
you can’t meet genuine friends because everyone is plottin’ to fuck.
i always looked at the “gettin’ wolves” aspect,
but never the “lack of respect“…. until today.
i started to wonder…

Do hoes really win?

i went out with a wolf-hybrid we’ll call “Rep” for lunch today.
he was treating; i was eating.
Rep is a (potential homie lover) friend i met in the industry.
he is also a rapper.
he is facing a dilemma and wanted my help.
all his hoe-dom has now caught up to him.
when he got on the scene,
he was “the new meat to fuck“.
everyone wanted a piece…
…and of course,
he gave it to them.
and boy, did he give it to them.

i heard stories about the way he throws dick and eats cakes.
he will have your toes curling and forgetting your parent’s name.

climbing the walls like spiderman and scratch pieces out his back like wolverine.
i never heard one bad story about his pipe game.
apparently, he makes no apologizes tearing your walls down.
yeah, he even fucked a few vixens in his journey down hoe street.

he even told he me he was fuckin a music execAND THE EXEC’S WIFE!

again, no apologies.

he likes to fuck.
he doesn’t discriminate.
he has a very strong sexual magnetism about him.
he just looks like sex.
so he will fuck you good and keep it moving.
low-key, i want to let him beat so bad.
we flirt and we can get real sexual,
but he actually is tame with me.
i talk to him.
no one talks to him.
i listen and give him real advice.
everyone else wants to get him drunk so they can get piped.
jamari fox is not a conquest.
i’m a destination.
he realizes that and treats me with respect.

so he wants to continue in the entertainment industry,
but he has burned many bridges.
the hoe isn’t a hoe anymore.
he is trying to change his whole act.
be taken seriously.
the wholesome wolf-hybrid.
but, how can you do that when everyone wants (still wants) that big D?
when they find out he ain’t giving it,
they leave his ass and whatever they had to offer him.

“we want some of that legendary dick!”

…but it’s done.

he is sad and wants answers.
i said talk to his dick and see what he wants.
he can’t even be taken seriously anymore…
…and he has met some pretty serious people.
the ones he SHOULD have fucked.

it made me wonder about being a hoe… forreal.
everyone always glamorize the art of fucking many wolves.
some do and wear it like a badge of honor.
even on these sex sites,
the more masculine and down low the wolf,
the more we cheer you on.
you are our hero!
they give us hope that one day,
we will meet someone like that.
when that is all said and done,
and your ass needs a job or a connect:

“if you ain’t beatin’, we ain’t speakin’.”

can a hoe really erase his past?
shit, can a leopard change his spots?
once you have the title,
can you become a better person?
or, are you always going to be a hoe?
what do you do next?
do you spend your days fucking until you are fucked out?
my poor wolf-hybrid rapper is fucked out and wants to be taken seriously.
sadly, everyone wants that D.

is it true?

Once a hoe, always a hoe?

22 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Be A Hoe Anymore… But Everyone Else Still Does.

  1. From time to time we all were or have been a whore sometime or another, but one can change their life and become a one on one with a person.

  2. Personally, I think I would be able to be with a ex hoe, but that’s only if it’s been a long time after the person has stopped being a hoe. I’m not going to be the first person that you’re gonna try to be monogamous with. That would be stressful for me to the point where I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Just like I prefer not to mess with around with a dude that’s curious because I don’t want to be responsible for turning him out because he might not be able to adjust to the lifestyle very well. As I said before, hoes will only make it so far when it comes to happiness. When someone who lives a promiscuous lifestyle reaches age 30, he or she will have a hard time finding someone who is willing to be with them. The people who are more conservative are the ones who will have success in the future when it comes to finding love. With the way things are today I think everyone should be careful who they sleep with cause word travels fast.

  3. the problem with him is before,
    he was down to fuck.
    he is cutting people off because they are down to fuck.
    you can’t do that in this business.

    he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed i’m starting to realize.

    1. Tell him that’s a bad decision. He needs to be using that to his advantage. Become a tease and get what he wants accomplished along the way. They already know the dick is good, so the impulse to have it again will be enough for him to get what he wants done.

      I need to be somebody’s agent.

  4. Please what Movie is that gif from? The one with the Violet Sheets/pillows??

    A hoe can change however in this industry, ppl will ALWAYS remind u of ur past.

    He’s not a lost cause though because you have said people still want the dick. The onus now lies on him to be extremely selective in his whorish ways and make sure he gives the dick to the RIGHT people. How many times do i have to tell these boys?! If your calling/talent in life is to be a hoe, be strategic about that shit!!

  5. I’m like the Olivia Pope of figuring our solutions to shit like this.

    The thing to remind your friend is that his career isn’t over. He may have built a reputation in the industry, but the good thing is that it’s not a bad one. All of his dick reviews have been good. No one’s had anything bad to say about his sex, which is a good thing.

    His advantage lies in the allure he has. If things are the way you say they are, he has a magnetism about him and the sex to back it up. What he needs to do is use that to his advantage. He’s been going about using it the wrong way.

    From what I gather, he’s sleeping around without getting what he wants in exchange. He needs to realize this is a business and capitalize off of the sexual allure he has.

    In other words, mind fuck people, get what he wants, and resist the urge to dick them down.
    There’s a way to flirt without leading people on. People have to think, “Maybe if I do this for him, I’ll get to try what everyone else is raving about,” and he has to use that to his advantage. Always be polite and there should always be a flirtatious undertone to his interactions. Use it to get what he wants and then bounce. Simple.

    1. ^RANDOM!!!!

      we think the same.
      i told him the exact same thing,
      but in different words.

      should we start our own “get a negro out of trouble” agency?
      we would make a killing.

  6. Shit, I’d like to know where you all find these invisible men with low mileage.

    You’d be hard pressed not to meet a dude that isn’t advertising on some online sex site or hasn’t in the past.

    Hell, all you have to do is go to a potential’s instagram/facebook and see who’s liking everything they do and I’m sure you can get a few reviews on the sex game before you invest. Lol

    That good pipe, pussy, ass you’re getting is not born, it is created through plenty of practice. Believe that!

    Funny people claim they don’t want a hoe, but they damn sure don’t want a virgin that they have to teach either.

    1. good point! i guess its up to the individual to decide if they had to many sexual partners WHEN AND IF they even tell you the truth. i came into the gay world around hoes so i didnt mess with anyone who hoes knew. i can honestly say ive had 8 sexual partners but it would have been more had i not seen how rumors spread and how u get put out there QUICKLY

  7. Once a hoe is not always a hoe, however it’ll be hard to change people’s perceptions. I will take a strong-willed person to step out of that hoe-ish behavior — especially when kats will treat you like one. I think standing your ground shows growth.

    Either that or embrace it & use it to your advantage…but smartly. Too many stupid hoes out there…

  8. Fuck all that other shit Jamari….get that dick and come back to tell us how it is!!!!!!

    Or shit send him to me

  9. I think once a hoe always a hoe. Anyone can change, but people will always view you as what you were known for. Hoes typically don’t have a good future. They end up alone, with a disease, or feeling like they can never be relationship material.

  10. Once a hoe you are always going to have that hoe past, especially in the entertainment industry. Jamari I said this before you may be the hot piece of dick, ass, pussy whatever, but once everybody got want they wanted out of you, you are going to be thrown to the wayside. Plus, there is always going to be that hotter, younger piece of meat that is ready and eager to take your spot. You cannot fuck your way through life and expect people to have respect for you, and when people do not respect they do not want to deal with you.

  11. I don’t think once a hoe, always a hoe. I honestly think someone who’s sexually liberated can change. It may take some time but you will eventually realize it. Take Alexyss K. Tylor for example. She talked about all the sex she had with lots of men and women when she was younger, but now she’s celibate and has learned to love herself and make love to herself. Will you be taken seriously though? Not by many people. Once they learn about your past, they’ll form a negative opinion about you and take everything you do and say with a grain of salt. It’s not impossible, but oh boy will it take some work.

  12. hey im brand new to your blogs but i love them! they prove to me that level-headed gay people are real and not some fairy-tale lol!

    i think once a hoe always a hoe. maybe his/her mindset has changed and they want to do more things than just fuck around because they are tired of the same old song and dance but once you have had alot of people of made a xtube video its game over on the relationship and there isnt anyway to hide vid once they out there! lol if they have just had everyone in the city they live in yea people gonna talk i think once they realize hes been had by everyone on every block and every cul-de-sac within x amount of miles…….being labeled as a hoe is dangerous. dangerous for the person whos being labeled one, that person family, friends, ex’s, pretty much anyone who knows them.

    1. ^thank you for the comment tayloriswho!

      i really think Rep needs to embrace his hoe-ish past.
      he can’t erase it,
      but he can try to have some standards to who he fucks now.

      no one is trying to listen to him…
      …they just want to fuck.
      that must be hell to live.

      1. of course anytime ill be posting on future topics too lol

        but anyways yea rep really shoulda thought about who he slept with cause now he in a tight predicament lol and in his case it isnt one hes gonna like! i mean he has options he could move away in hopes that no one will talk in other states be honest with the person that he meets in another state and hope they understand……doubt it tho. at the end of the day hes getting what he wanted and there arent any re-tries when it comes to social status unfortunately thats why u gotta think towards the future….sometimes FAR towards the future. im only 24 but im still looking FAR towards the future lol

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