How To Be A Drama Queen and Get A Documentary

lindsaylohandrama“i don’t want to do this!”
“i do want to do this!”
“i’m tired!”
“my head hurts!”
“i want a greek yogurt!”
omg is anyone else watching #lindsayonown?…

i just caught up on all 3 episodes on demand and sheesh!
her life is absolutely exhausting and almost scary.
i don’t know if she needs a bath in holy water or a slap.
what did you get yourself into?
it’s pretty interesting tho.
personally i think this chick’s main issue is she is addicted to being a drama queen.
i think once she de-clutters her life,
figures out what she really wants,
and gets rid of all those “yes people”,
she should be okay.
oh who am i kidding?
she is addicted to drama and that fuels her existence.

lowkey: harpo needs to do one with chris brown.
i would definitely tune into that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “How To Be A Drama Queen and Get A Documentary”

  1. I’m not much for these personality driven “reality shows”. I watch none of them like “Basketball Wives and Jump-Offs”, “Football Husbands”, “Baseball Girlfriends and Boyfriends”, “The Real Sluts of Atlanta”, “The Real Sluts and Gangster Wives of New Jersey”, “Love and Hippity Hop”, etc. But from what you wrote, maybe she should change her name to Lindsay LowDown.

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