Have You Seen What Goes Down At The Miller Residence?

13654238_1127851600620433_2062600612921764434_nshe learned that day.
it seems as the more social media evolves,
with the option to see things live now,
the more we get a sneak peek into what our neighbors do.
a few weekends ago,
someone on my twitter retweeted two animals fuckin’ on periscope.
it’s getting pretty real nowadays.

things can be either intriguing or disturbing.
well everyone meet nia green.
she is the cub in ^that picture above.
her mother found out she was being an alleged “thot” on her facebook.
what did mama do?
she whooped her daughter’s ass for the world to see on facebook live.


A Georgia mother took her daughter’s cruel punishment to another level — dishing out a humiliating beating on Facebook Live as thousands watched.

Taking over her 16-year-old daughter’s Facebook page, Shanavia Miller yelled into the camera: “I’mma need you to make this viral, please, share this. Because I’m not done.”

In the five-minute livestream, Miller was seen berating Nia Green while throwing a flurry of fists at her face and torso. The video has since been removed from Facebook, but was saved and uploaded onto YouTube.

The mother had been furious about Green posting provocative photos on her Facebook page, calling her daughter “nasty as hell.”

At one point, the camera person stayed away from the beating, but the mother beckoned at the person to follow the attack.

Green could be seen whimpering, crying and cowering in fear from her mother’s volley of punches.

“You wanna embarrass me on social media?! Don’t f—ing play with me, Nia,” she yelled.

When Green let her guard down and began to stop crying, Miller smashed her fist into her teen daughter’s face again.

The mother then grabbed the camera, turned it on herself, and fixed her hair while her daughter was sobbing, telling Green the embarrassing clip would go viral.

Miller screamed: “You got me looking bad like I ain’t no good motherf—ing parent. I do my best. I do my f—ing best!”

Savannah police have not charged the mother, after Green told investigators she felt safe at the home.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, she wrote that she shouldn’t have embarrassed her mother and loves her.


She said people have been laughing at her at work and school, watching parodies of her beating posted online.

Using her daughter’s Facebook page, Miller also defended her actions.


Users have been arguing on the teen’s Facebook page, some justifying the beating as tough parenting, while others saying the mother went too far.

WHugFgVZP084oin my opinion,
the daughter deserved it but to an extent.
have you seen her facebook:


black cubs are raised differently than the snow ones.
 throw hands or belts first; ask questions later.
as a parent of any race,
you have every right to scold your cubs the way you see fit.
her mother,
who doesn’t appear like some monster to me,
just seemed frustrated and surprised her daughter’s secret life.
those punches to the face was out of control,
but what she was saying to her daughter was on point.
i think everyone is/was shocked because it was happening live.
this type of stuff use to be private.
it’s funny how folks are up in arms about someone disciplining their cub,
but will let their own cubs get away with major disrespect.
so i had to ask the foxhole…

Was Nia’s Mother right or wrong?

lowkey: mi needed this kind of discipline growing up.
they gave her whatever she wanted and now look at her.

article credited: the ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

39 thoughts on “Have You Seen What Goes Down At The Miller Residence?”

  1. Inside Edition is reporting the Savannah Police Dept says they are investigating this incident.Also the case has been referred to Dept of Children of Family Services.

    I know parenting a teenager is difficult during these times but like I said before I think this crossed the line from discipline to abuse coupled with public humiliation.It doesn’t matter to me that she may not have physical wounds. I believe she will psychological wounds from millions of people watching her mother verbally and physically attack her.

  2. It’s not easy being a parent and I think some of these comments are forgetting that.

    I first think it’s unfair for some people to automatically assume that the daughter got this behavior from the mother just because the mom is wearing short shorts and a tank in the video. She’s at her house being comfortable and its hot.

    Second you can be on top of stuff as much as you can try kids are going to be kids and find a way to do something doesn’t matter what generation.

    I wouldn’t have posted it online but the mother was trying to make a point and some people Need to to learn things the hard way

    1. Do you really think that level of attack is teaching her anything? She even says: next time I’ll keep my business to myself, suggesting that she will just be more sneaky and won’t get caught. The only thing she learned with that is “don’t get caught, don’t get beat”, not really learning the implications of what she did. Who knows? Maybe they had a conversation after the incident, but she chose not to show that, but chose to show her beating her child’s ass? okay. She even said “you’re going to make ME look like a bad parent…” yet she made herself look bad by choosing what she put on the internet for the world to see, and not the part where she would be hypothetically “parenting” IF she even had any talk with her. Why leave that out, if that’s there? That would be the important part. We only have what she showed us so I’m going with that. It wasn’t like she was recorded by someone else, she wanted to be recorded, so I’m judging her by what I see in the video.

      My mother got beat by my grandmother for much more benign things, and the constant harassment scarred their relationship. My mother loved her mother dearly, but it’s not like she was a bad child or became a better person because of it. Just unnecessary. that was the same for all of her siblings, though the grandkids (me included) couldn’t even imagine that because they never laid a hand on us, and were a lot more docile in their old age, so we had a different experience.

      She handled that very wrong. People make mistakes, I’m not trying to crucify the mother, she probably does her best to provide for her daughter, I get it, but she was just wrong in that video

      1. I understand your point but I feel like a lot of people were just so quick to attack the mother( and what she was wearing) and just not see it from her point of view. Like you said I only know what I know from the video and the story those posted on here so I don’t know if there was a talk before or after the video.

        I grew up with kids whose parents did not play and sometimes an ass whipping ( not with a belt but with hands) was what was called for. My parents always told me “when you walk out this house you are a reflection of us.” That’s what I got from it when the mom told the daughter “you’re making me look like a bad parent”. What I saw in the video wasn’t offensive to me like I said I wouldn’t have posted online but I understood why the mom was doing it just like I understood the uncle a few years ago who whipped his nephews behind on camera and posted it online because the nephew trying to be part of a gang.

        If this situation would’ve turned out worse and the daughter was getting a train ran on her like the story that was posted on here a few months ago everyone’s first thought would’ve been Where were her parents?or where was her mother?

        I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one 😊😊

  3. This is disgusting. Just like the “father” who boxed his son for skipping school. Didn’t this woman create a GoFundMe account to pay for lawyers? And the way she’s cursing in front of her daughter just shows what kind of example she sets. I’d be damned if that was my momma. She looks like she doesn’t know any better.

  4. All I could think about when I watched this mess — which I didn’t finish b/c my soul has a nignorance threshold — was that ol school anti-drug commercial of “I learned it from watching you, dad”…I bet u anythingthis thot in training has learned her social media displayed behavior from the tree, which would the ridiculous “mother”, note the quotations…then she, the ridiculous mother, gonna have this contrived indignation on a live stream? GTFOH, I actually feel bad for the girl and any other siblings that dwell in that household. ..smdh

    1. I lied. ..one more thing, my grandma raised 7 children including my mama by herself in the late 50s-60s on public assistance cleaning houses/hotels for lilly white persons of lil gratitude and she neva had to abuse her children, and I dare say the struggles of today can’t even compete with the struggles of yesteryear. …raise the bar

      1. ^so question to everyone:

        would it be better if she didn’t post it online,
        but this still happened in the privacy of their home?

      2. Jamari, it’d be best if she learned how to punish her daughter in a civilized manner — quite preferably weeeell before the age the girl is now — and NEVER post any of it online for us to feel obliged comment on and persecute, how bout that?

  5. Everyone without kids and little to no chance of having any and don’t even associate with children regularly love to have an opinion on how parents should parent.

    I work with teenagers everyday and as long as there’s no abuse and their kids aren’t robbing me I mind my own damn business.

    1. I don’t have kids, but I — and I hope that vast majority of the readers here — have enough common sense to realize when someone’s so called parenting is outta control, and I WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe in whoopin dat ass, WITHIN REASON (subjective? I don’t think so)…dis? dis shit right here?…clearly beyond the pale of reason…

      1. Esp the manner in which she did it…what happened to kiss being embarrassed to even have their parents get to that point? …I know I was; one of the few times I saw my mom cry and knowing it was b/c of me did sumn to my soul, I felt like shit?…but I guess these kids now are diff huh? *throws hands*

      2. You don’t know what talk they had after this incident and you don’t know how she’s disciplined HER child prior.

        Parents aren’t perfect and there’s no manual given to them in the delivery room. They do the best they can, and that’s if they’re even present in their kids life at all.

        All these childless people who likely wouldn’t even mentor a youth are talking about “well was she when all this was going on?”
        Probably working a damn job and trying to provide for her daughter and likely raising her alone.

        How can one be a critic of a situation they’ve never been in. That’s like a single person giving marriage advice, yeah they might have some good points but there’s no experienced based knowledge.

    2. I saw abuse though. She still took it way too far. I don’t need to see more to know that was out of line. Kid was trifling, I get it, but this type of behaviour isn’t helping the situation at all. She could have disciplined her child without all that.

      I don’t need to have a child to make judgments on good or bad parenting either… or at least someone who is out of line.

      1. “You don’t know what talk they had after this”….whathahunh? So, as long as she sat down and had a civilized discussion with her daughter (yeah, that happened, uh huh) after str8 abusing the child for all the world to see, then all’s well in the world, nothin to see here folks, huh?….ooookay bruh,I’ma need some of y’all to raise the bar. ..that is all, I’m done

  6. This was straight up disturbing. That mother ass needs to be in jail, that was assault. Her mother is a hoodrat who needs parenting classes. She should be more disturb with her failing education, that response-oh my. Mamma you know your daughter was fast and you are mad because you were the same way when you were her age, this is what you raised so don’t be mad now. How the mother attacked her gave me psychopath vibes, she reminded me of the Monique character in Precious. The only time I would condone a parent laying hands on a child is when said child gets grown enough to lay hands of them, and its all bets off but for getting in trouble doing something that all teens do, a whooping misses the mark. She is much to old for this form of discipline to be effective. I am going to have to say, Mamma was wrong as hell for this. She needs to talk to her about respect for herself and safe sex at this point. It’s a little too late to turn her into a church girl now especially when Mamma aint exactly the picture of purity her damn self.

  7. This disgusting woman is just as immature if not more immature as the 16 year old. Man, as a black person it disappoints me that so many black people take pride in the fact that they were beat as kids or that they beat their children. There is nothing good about beating your kids. As a parent, this chick should be ashamed that she cannot parent her child though the use of any of method other than violence. She has scarred this girl for life with this video. Everyone will know who she is thanks to this video and now they will have ammunition to humiliate her for the rest of her life/

  8. This is unacceptable to me.I don’t have any kids but I wasn’t raised this way.My parents never spanked,hit,whipped or whatever term you want to use.My cousins who were physically disciplined acted out,got into trouble and a few are locked up in prison.Violence begets violence.I guarantee most of the men and women locked up for engaging in violent crimes witnessed violence in their childhood.

    And you can miss me with that “I was whipped and I turned out fine”BS.I WASN’T whipped and I turned out fine.

    If it was inhumane for slave owners to beat their slaves how is it acceptable for parents to beat their children?

    1. This is why it is important for parents to know their children. Because some kids do not require physical discipline while others do. In the same vein that you said that you were not whooped and turned out fine there are many people who where and turned out just fine as well. I was that way. For some the only deterrent for getting into trouble is knowing that a parent will get in that a** if they do. Others don’t respond as well to that. However there is a clear distinction between disciplining a child with a belt or hand, abusing them, and a slave owner using a weapon to literally tear the flesh off someone’s back.

      But if a parent is going to use that form of discipline they need to make sure that the kid knows why they are receiving the punishment and it is no substitute for actually talking to their kids.

      1. YES! KNOW your children! There isn’t a one-size fits all approach! However…

        This girl might have been trifling, but that was still TOO FAR. I’m calling bad parenting on this one. Talking a lot more about what OTHERS think and not the well-being of her child and why her actions were wrong. Unnecessary attacks, and it leads to bitterness a lot of the times if it’s common enough. I honestly feel that if you have to constantly beat your kids, then it shows you’re not a good parent, wild child or not. Anyone can beat their child, PARENTING is a tougher job.

      2. So you think it is acceptable for a parent to hit their child in the face,stomach,etc with hand or belt?So what about hitting your child with a switch,extension cord,etc? What about giving your child a black eye or busted lip? Where do you draw the line? bruises,bleeding,broken bones?

        Of course every child is different but there are many alternatives to physical violence.I doubt this is the first time this mother has used physical violence so IF she has used it before, it didn’t work.

        Anyway go ahead beat your kids,film it, post it online.

      3. As I said above, there is a clear line between discipline and abuse. Yes there are alternatives to physical punishment, as it is one of many forms of discipline, but sometimes the only thing that is keeping someone’s kid from doing wrong is knowing what’s going to happen when they get home. I’m not advocating for anyone to go and bust a kid up and break bones as that’s clearly abuse. As with all things, there will be people who go overboard and will overdo it. However not everyone who does whoop their kids are the villains as some paint them to be.

  9. I wonder if she learned how to dress from her momma. Can’t help but noTice what both of them are wearing. She learned it somewhere

  10. Was the mother more worried about her being embarrassed or teaching her daughter how to respect and live herself so she wouldn’t expose herself. She has only taught her daughter that a beating is a way to show she is loved. I worry about the ramifications for nia. If she feels a man beating her is the same as loving her. Will nia resent her mother for publicly shaming her on the Internet. I’m never a fan for public humiliation. Punishment …yes but what did nia really learn

  11. Ass whooping yes but putting out for the world to see no. Keep how you discipline your children to yourself unless you want a visit from children and family services. All this was an overshare to me.

  12. Wooo… at 16yrs you let a boys freak you in your moms house. Major disrespect and she looks like someone not to mess with. At the same time I can’t blame this kids, at that age teens have raging hormones and if you going to freak, go to a motel or just wait till 18 legal!

  13. That mother and anyone who believes her behavior was appropriate on any level are sociopaths and are examples of what’s wrong with the world and the black community as a whole. I’m not even going to go into the details about why this is wrong because if you condone this type of abuse then you’re clearly a disturbed ignorant individual who is beyond reason. Not to mention that someone who runs a site dedicated to thots and the sexual exploits of others to be cosigning this abuse for said exploits is incredibly hypocritical

  14. Jamari,

    This is so problematic. Water rises to its own levels. Where was the mother when her daughter was posting problematic stuff on social media? If you actually listen to what the mother says, she’s more concerned about people in the community judging her then she is about her daughter engaging in inappropriate activity.

    Furthermore, hitting a constitutional minor in the face serves what purpose? I get that it’s a parent’s right to discipline a child, but when do we as a community take a stand? What’s the line between discipline and abuse?

    What was the point of posting this on social media? She should have been watching her daughter before it got to this point. I get so tired of black men and women wanting to be parents after the fact.

    I think this sends a negative message. We can’t abuse our children and then get upset when a racist cop, of any color, treats are kids as grown adults who need to be “brought to heel.” But that’s just my opinion.

  15. I’m sorry but this is just out of hand. If she had been the type of parent she needed to be all along, this would not have been necessary.

    1. bingo. that say a lot about the mother her self. I hate when parents do fuck shit in front of their children and then want to brake there children neck for what they seen them do.

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