Good Body Parts Cum Faster Once You Made It

tumblr_lw9n39cf6R1r41w0go1_500_largei learned something working #nyfw.
well i already knew this,
but i wanted to share it with the foxhole.
well i actually learned two things actually.
so let’s start with the first thing.
 i’m giving any one of you the permission to slap the fire out my ass

…if i ever walk out the door again without a wife beater under my shirt.

giphyi thought i could be YOLO,
but the humidity put a stop to that shit.
my shirt was drenched in sweat by the time i got to lincoln center.
by the time i got home tonight,
i looked like i went swimming with my clothes on.
for whatever reason,
new yawk is disrespectfully humid.
tomorrow is suppose to be 91.
i learned my lesson today.

now the second thing is when you have made a name for yourself,
doesn’t matter if you are in front the camera or behind,
or whatever career you are in,
you can pretty much have your pick of whoever you want.
doesn’t matter what you look like,
what your body shape is,
or if you got pimples or a unibrow.
hell even if you are almost there.
you can something like this:
tumblr_nbcdwvrMio1qhy7pro1_500or this:

tumblr_nazq3j7NLA1qe8nc8o1_500or even this:

tumblr_nb73vlDCoY1qe8nc8o1_500…to do whatever you want.
no more jack’d or guessing games.
the premium meat will literally seek you out.
today two animals were perfect examples.
one was this incredibly unattractive and fat snow fox.
the other was an actor that i won’t out.
the snow fox was obviously a big deal behind the scenes because everyone,
including the designer,
stopped to greet him when he came in.
what followed was the FINE tatted muscular snow wolf.
he was holding his man bag and other gift bags.
by the way they were interacting,
you could tell he was more than just his “bag carrier”.
he was his status symbol for his trophy case.

the actor,
who i thought was straight,
came in after the show.
a pretty model-esque snow wolf was in tow.
the actor did all the talking.
the meat knew his position and had his head in his phone.
everyone knew what it was.
no one really cared.
sometimes the person in front the scenes is out behind it.
they are discreet and only want to be known for their careers.
it is what it is.
“judgement free zone” here as i follow the same regiment.

the point i’m trying to make is when you get your shit in order,
you will be desired by many.
you will be inside rather than watching behind velvet ropes.
first comes the money,
then the status,
and then you get access to all the finest pipe/booty/or both.
if you think these attentionistos online wouldn’t

carry your bags
fuck you/get fucked on command
walk in some event with you discreetly

…if you had power,
well you and they need a wake up call.
you see it all backstage foxhole.
most pineapples will do or be ANYTHING to get put on.
or get their bills paid.
this is why these people are on social media attention whoring.
majority of the time they are waiting to be some exclusive status symbol.
now is it true love?
probably not.
something to define that you have “made it”?
probably so.
in it for the perks of your come up?
more than likely.
would you care?
only a fool would.

a78rneyif these straight wolves can go get a “maria” as soon as they make it,
only to make her their cum dumpster,

why can’t you get some fine meat to snack on?
oh ok.
personally speaking,
i’d rather get a sexy baller wolf who can match my hustle or better.
i wouldn’t turn down pipe from my “fantasies” tho.
i ain’t crazy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Good Body Parts Cum Faster Once You Made It”

  1. You got that right. I find that men typically have as their Alpha and Omega four things: 1. Looks: How you look from the neck up. 2. Body: How you look from the neck down. 3. Sex/sex appeal: Whether the sex is good and whether you are sexually alluring. (I called this the “erection test”. That is, it’s whether he thinks he will enjoy having sex with you.) And 4. Youth: Generally, the younger the better. And of course, there is the exception of number 5. Money. If you have enough money, then that can substitute for one, some or all of the other four. And the four things add up to sex. A relationship cannot last on sex.

    Hey, but many people are not concerned about relationships. They are concerned with getting paid–getting cash!

      1. Do you have to repeat the same copy and paste over and over?

        I’m surprised you didn’t paste that 5 C college essay…..

  2. Jamari, where did you see the fat (but apparently well-to-do) actor with the poor guy that had the Body of Adonis and the face of America’s Next Top Male Model? And by the way, guys do it a la carte too: Take a look at There you can rent a guy for a short period and not for months or weeks at a time.

  3. Knowing that makes me feel so good about myself aesthetically. 🙁

    After revealing how much death makes me feel better about life, I can honestly say that now I see why people get trophy dicks and/or vaginas. I really wouldn’t care if they were only with me because of my status. As long as they keep their mouth shut, go fetch my dinner, and give me the D when I want it. The only thing is, I wouldn’t want them lounging around me. “Just go somewhere till I call you, peasant.” Also, I think this will be the route I take because as of late, I don’t care for relationships. I think I’m finally able to let go of that. It’s a nice thought but I don’t think I want it. That shit is literally non-existent in the gay world anyway, unless of course it’s an open relationship(and real talk) that isn’t a real relationship. No offense to people who are in so called open relationships.

    The human experience is overrated. I should’ve been born an Eagle.

  4. It’s not worth it. It just doesnt seem worth it. Imagine the mental abuse and conditioning it would take to get someone to “learn” how to be an accessory. And now you have to go with them to parties and shit and people are looking at you knowing EXACTLY who you are. Now people think your purpose is to be that “cum dumpster” as ya’ll put it on here. It’s not worth it. It’s too easy to fall in love with the mind, musician, or titan of your dreams. You can meet your fantasy and see the ugliest of qualities and find them beautiful all because you’ve seen them in a light the rest of the world hasn’t. OH naw I aint with it. Thats why its imperative you become your own aesthetic (generally speaking). That way you aint looking for who you WANT to be in someone else. Pine fucking apples. I dont want none of what this post has gotten me privy too.

    P.S. Son you keep me up to date and connected. Bless you

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