f0xmail: I Just Want His Meat in My Mouth and I’d Be Okay. Normal?


Hey Jamari,

Im fine with giving and receiving oral sex, but I have never desired to partake in anal sex. I am completely accepting of my sexuality and love gay porn, but I don’t think anal sex is for me.

 Is this normal/common in the gay community?

(nsfw and 18^)…

howdy and thanks for the question.
so you’d rather taste test the meat than actually having it inside you?

tumblr_maky0kvvUk1qhz9eso1_400i use to know a fox who was like that.
he use to call himself,
“the headmaster”.
he was exceptional at giving head.
granted he was sort of a hoe,
but he knew what he liked doing and wasn’t going to change for anyone.
i did ask him why he only liked giving head,
and like you,
he said he tried getting fucked and he didn’t enjoy it.
he actually got off to pulling a nut out a wolf’s pipe.
the shaking.
the moaning.
the begging for him to stop…

tumblr_m9r004dnJe1r86gcro1_500so to answer your question: that is perfectly fine.
some people you meet will like it.
others will hate it.
focus on the people who do like it,
because believe it or not,
there are a TON of people who want what you are looking for.
your job is to find them.
good luck!


lowkey: speaking of giving head,
who would suck this wolf’s pipe?

x click here to see if you still would
any takers?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “f0xmail: I Just Want His Meat in My Mouth and I’d Be Okay. Normal?”

  1. Completely normal. I have heard of guys who don’t like anal. I didn’t think it was possible, but there are men out there who only want oral pleasure.

      1. Nooooooo! I am a Wolf Dean, I don’t get piped man. What I was saying was, the pipe is way too big to even suck on.

  2. According to surveys, 25% of gay men are neither penetrated nor penetrating. That is they are not tops or bottoms or versatile. 25% of gay men like oral sex, foreplay, frottage, etc. So it’s perfectly gay and perfectly normal that he doesn’t want to engage in anal sex.

    As far as the guy in the link is concerned, that’s a very big dick. Poor guy. I suspect–if he likes to put it in an ass or a vagina–that he has problems finding men/women who want to take it.

  3. question: lets say you meet someone who is your type,
    but he never wanted to engage in anal sex,
    would you still be with him?
    the closest he will do with you is dry humping.
    let it marinate.

  4. I was telling one of my verse friends that I really respect those who get penetrated. There is so much work required to prep for that and I don’t know how they do it.

    Sometimes, when the mood hits, all I want is head and can’t deal with the “I’m not prepared” lines which really ruin the moment. So, to any guy who feels like the one who wrote in, if your head skills are on point and you can suck the nut out, then he may not want any ass, but they must be on point.

    1. I truly do praise the Foxes. Y’all have to clean you asses out, watch your diets, and some of you even starve yourselves. I don’t know how y’all do it. If I wanted to I couldn’t lol. My toilet and I are very close, we have a really tight bond. I am very regular lol.

      As a Wolf, I could not be in a relationship with a man who wouldn’t let me penetrate his ass. The only possible way I could deal with a dude giving me nothing but head is if he lets me fuck him in the mouth.This may be obvious to most of you, but there is a difference between giving head and being fucked in your mouth, a big difference. I wouldn’t know, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that type of abuse on the regular is going to be hella hard on your throat lol.

      1. That depends on if the fox can deep-throat a dick.I he can then throat-fucking won’t be a problem for his throat.

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