Hereeeeeeeeee’s Johnny!… Crome, That Is.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 1.33.06 PMwell jesus christ,
we were all wondering when johnny crome was gonna get naked again.
well christmas came early.
johnny has been living a really quiet life as of late,
but between the ( x new music ) and the new selfies…

tumblr_lyuapgBwRz1r6lsnk…well welcome back!
you and your 27 sculpted abs have been missed.
we’d like moar please.

lowkey: if johnny was offering training services,
i’d invest.
he seems less attention whoring/herbalife muscle slanger than the rest.

visit johnny’s website: here

4 thoughts on “Hereeeeeeeeee’s Johnny!… Crome, That Is.

  1. *sigh* THAT don’t make NO SENSE but to be that damn FINE lol his body looks fake omg his abs…LORD 2014 i’m going to the gym it seems thats where all the heartthrobs usually are these days…his body looking like chocolate milk ;-0

  2. Christmas came early indeed lol. This is what I am talking about. My boi Johnny always comes through. DAMN!

    Speaking of Christmas, y’all already know what I want.

    He is the gift that can keep on giving. Now he is my fav player and I respect him and all….but I’d tear that ass up. The headboard would be beating against the wall just like a damn drum.

  3. I have to admit, I am one of his Instagram groupies lol, but this dude is actually Kool and does not seem to be as bad as some of the attention whores I follow who attack any dudes who give them a compliment unless of course its wrap up in “hey bro can you give me some workout tips” This dude seems to practice what he preaches in regards to good nutrition and achieving the body you want. Goldstar for Johnny Crome

    1. ^johnny is a good guy.
      the key to being respected by everyone is you can get along with everyone.
      these attention whores think only women will be buying their “whatever”.
      they will be the first ones to put him on blast if he isn’t “the good black man”.

      personally i think a majority of personal trainers on instagram do it for sweaty pussy.

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