evander kane allegedly been shooting up the club with his pistol

“nah baby ima pull out…
i promise ima pull out…

for some wolves,
in the heat of the moment,
you might let him shoot up in your club.
in other words,
you’ll let him leave you leaking.
let me rephrase…

He’ll be bustin’ nuts all in ya

for gays,
we have the issue of catching diseases.
for straights,
it’s diseases and bringing about another human.
nhl baller wolf,
evander kane,
allegedly has been all up in his alleged side’s stomach.
so much so,
she has allegedly gotten pregnant about three times.
now she’s suing and here’s why via “tmz sports”

NHL superstar Evander Kane is being sued by a woman who claims he promised to pay her $3 MILLION to abort their child … so she did … but he never ponied up the dough. 

It’s all in a lawsuit filed by a woman using the alias “Jane Doe” to protect her identity. In the suit, the woman claims she started dating Kane in 2015. 

Doe claims Kane got her pregnant in 2016 — but they both agreed to get an abortion. 

They continued to have a sexual relationship and he knocked her up again in 2017. Doe claims Kane pressured her to abort again because a baby would damage his hockey career … and also ruin the relationship he had with his official “girlfriend.”

The woman ultimately agreed to a 2nd abortion

Then in May 2018, Doe claims Kane got her pregnant for a 3rd time — even though she had used Plan B as a last-ditch attempt at birth control.

But, this time, Doe claims she did not want to abort — which caused problems with Kane. 

In her suit, Doe claims Kane told her proceeding with the pregnancy would be a “huge mistake” so he started “bullying” her into seeking a 3rd abortion. 

When she refused, Doe claims Kane offered her $1 million to change her mind. She told him no. So, Kane came back with a $3 million offer … and it was an offer Doe admits she couldn’t refuse. 

Doe claims she had the abortion in June 2018 — but Kane never made good on the $3 million payment. 

When she followed up with him, Doe claims Kane strung her along … until finally telling her he wasn’t going to make the payment. 

She claims Kane tried to turn the tables and accused her of extortion — and ultimately instructed her to solely deal with his attorney. 

The woman is suing for more than $6 MILLION for the $3 million payment — AND other damages including intentional infliction of emotional distress. 

the ghetto?
her vagina must be magical.
he must have been fuckin’ her absolutely stupid too.
i mean evander is cute:

so i could see in the heat of the moment,
the condom coming off and forgetting to pull out.
the fetish of pushing his nut back out of you.
it’s like he’s claiming his territory…

that should be a one time thing.
if the alleged is true,
how does the old saying go?

fool me once,
shame on you.
fool me twice,
shame on me.
fool me three times,
then i’m just an idiot

something like that…
it sounds like he allegedly loved rawing and skeeting up in her.
most males will raw a complete stranger.
be scared of a damn roller coaster or scary movie,
but will have raw sex with virtually anyone.
the antics.
he did signed a 7 year deal for 49 mill.
she should kept the alleged baby instead of looking stupid.
evander and his lawyers shot back with the quickness:

“We’ve received notice of the filing of a lawsuit by someone referred to as Jane Doe alleging a breach of contract against Evander Kane,” the statement reads.

“We firmly believe that this lawsuit is baseless both factually and legally. We will aggressively defend this claim in court on Evander’s behalf and assert all applicable counterclaims.”

she better have receipts to her claims.
texts and the receipt from the abortion clinic.
do they give you a proof of purchase statement?
if not,
she is assed out (and not in the way she seems to always be).

lowkey: do the straights realize raw sex leads to cubs?
did they even pass health class?

article cc: tmz

10 thoughts on “evander kane allegedly been shooting up the club with his pistol

  1. Can’t Do Wrong Right

    This story makes me angry, lets just take morals out of the equation for a moment, I’m just frustrated at how stupid these people are especially the woman in this case. How did she even think this was going to work; So Mr. Kane makes an estimated 7 million a year ok, but that also puts him in the top tax bracket and your talking about the state of California too so after federal and state tax, lawyer fees, agent fees your talking about what maybe 3.5 million , then you start to deduct your other expenses. How did she expect to get paid 3 million dollars was that suppose to be 1 payment or over several years, anything over $15,000 she would have to pay taxes on so how was that suppose to work, and in 2018 in the state of California is 3 million a lot of money ( enough to compromise your morals or sell your soul for). How are you so short sited in a rachet world (which she clearly belongs too) why wouldn’t you keep the child and collect a hefty child support check for the next 18 years and if savvy parlay that into reality tv. Then we move on to Mr. Kane who also has to be an idiot to constantly expose himself not only to possibly fathering multiple kids but also STD’s and being potentially hit in the wallet with things like this lawsuit

    1. Sadly, a lot of theses guys are guided by the head between their legs and not the one on their shoulders, thus getting themselves caught up in situations that could be avoided. Most women that deal with these guys don’t want anything but a lifestyle where they can flaunt designer labels (shoes, purses, etc). Nothing more, nothing less. Morals be damned.
      Blame reality TV for that. These chicks see athletes and entertainers, they see $$ signs.
      The guys are no better. Many of them, the women they fuck wouldn’t give them the time of day if they didn’t have the status/money that they do, so they’re jumping at the opportunity to get some ass/pussy when it’s thrown at them. But I can’t understand having raw sex. It’s risky as hell…not to mention stupid.

  2. Damn…this is the LAST thing that he needs right now. He still dealing with sexual assaults claims (2 women) from his time in Buffalo. He is one of the few African American players in the NHL, so I hate to see/hear shyt like this. He fine as hell, but he needs to leave them crazy ass Becky’s alone.
    If they don’t get what they want, they will try to tarnish your image.
    If he knocked her up three times, and she still on the sidelines…that’s on her dumb ass. She should’ve asked for a “down payment” and if the rest didn’t come through, as a show of good faith (cause obviously ya word ain’t shyt these days), she should’ve kept the kid and went on her merry way. She would’ve lived comfortably for 18 years.

  3. He’s fine AF I’d let him shoot all up in me & not have to worry about no baby lol

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