episode 3 | “hey panini, you’re a meanie!”

so remember when the foxhole dragged my cousin hybrid?
it was in ( x this ) entry.
well he was a guest in this week’s podcast.
you know i asked him to address it,
he was the guest on the podcast this weekend for episode 3…

this week’s podcast addresses interracial relationships,
harvey weinstein,
and a grammy recap.
i got great news to share with you guys:


insidejamarifox.com: the podcast” is on spotify as well.
we are waiting for the approval from apple and google,
but this is a very big news.
we are on the way foxhole!
i hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “episode 3 | “hey panini, you’re a meanie!””

  1. Hmmm idk if I should listen to this! I’m still traumatized from listening to Ms. Homophobic… I mean Ms. Mini! I’m still trying to figure out the trauma I experienced in my life that made me gay 🤔🤔
    If someone wants to be called “it” or “they” how is that stopping your day? How much money is that taking out of your pocket???

  2. I have to listen to it once i leave work in the morning. Idk what rock i was under to have missed the ORIGINAL posting last year but I’m caught up now after reading. I’m curious and excited even to hear this podcast.

    1. ^i hate when people question if i’m bajan.
      my parents really made me erase my culture for acceptance,
      and the sad part is,
      i didn’t get accepted and was bullied horribly.

  3. Jamari, why are you calling out future Star Wars actors? I need to pause. This podcast is too much. Jamari just casually says the funniest things ever, even on serious topics. It’s how blunt he is.

      1. I think it’s balanced with different voices and opinions. I appreciate you watching the time, but I think sticking too strictly to a schedule can interrupt the flow of conversation if the speakers/guests feel rushed. Very professional, but relax and have fun.

  4. In a “progressive” world where “people don’t see color” and “it’s not cut and dry, it’s not black and white”, why do we act like there are only 2 ethnicities. There are White people. There are Black people. There is also every other ethnicity in between those two colors on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

    My problems with interracial dating is when it gives the non-Black person the right to use the n-word or speak on topics that do not concern them. If you bring your White boyfriend to Thanksgiving, I don’t want to hear from him what the Black community needs to do to get ahead. I just don’t.

    I also have a problem where when someone non-Black in an interracial relationship does too much. Where they suddenly are “down”. Where they change the way they talk to be liked by the Black person’s family and friends. If stereotypes are offensive, how is playing them up going to make us like you?

    Me personally, I know that whenever there are discussions of attractiveness in school, work, Black people don’t come up. It’s always John Travolta, Johnny Depp, Zac Efron, Channing Tatum. White people don’t know Morris Chestnut or Taye Diggs, let alone as sex symbols. If Black people are brought up, it’s a very diversity honorable mention such as how beautiful Lupita N’yongo’s skin is or back in the day, Halle Berry. When Black people are brought up by White people in terms of beauty, it’s someone like Beyonce who is more palatable to them. I don’t ever want to pick a man who is not Black over a man who is Black. I have been told in a non-segregated, non-Jim Crow, non-slavery world that I am not attractive and that I do not even deserve to be in the topic of attractiveness unless I am a temporary fetish or gangster stereotype. I was picked last. I want to pick Black men first.

    And the whole “Black men have issues” does not fly with me, as for every White person who is unproblematic, there is a Black person who doesn’t have trauma. People act as if traveling means they’ve met everyone on Earth. Black people who travel are condescending to those who cannot afford it and say that they’re small-minded and ignorant. Being able to move in a Fortune 500 boardroom full of White businessmen or going to a gala and not being embarrassing doesn’t make you better. And unfortunately, we’re embarrassed by each other. We don’t want to introduce a Black man with tats, who speaks ebonics and is “just a retail manager” to the starched suit White coworkers or businessmen who invited us to their home to sign a potential deal. I don’t want to have an “I can’t take you anywhere because you don’t know what silverware to use or have etiquette as defined by wealthy Whites”.

    I want to be with someone who reflects me and just the way, sororities are selective of who will represent them, or wealthy families screen potential gold diggers, I am Black and excellent and think reflecting that in my relationship is important.

    You don’t NEED to date someone Black to be Black and doing things for the Black community, but spreading my horizons does not have to instantly be White. I never want to have to explain White privilege to my spouse, so I will have to date someone who will not benefit from it and will understand it.

    Also, beware of “pro Black” people who hate everyone that is not Black. Loving your people is not rooted in hatred. You should love and protect your culture’s authenticity and not give it away to others. But it comes off like the overweight woman who says she loves her size, then loses weight and says she always hated being big. It sounds good to other Black people, but like in Dear White People, they’re secretly with someone WHITE. It’s always a White scandal with these Hoteps. Some Hotep was recently exposed for using money that was supposed to be for a Black school…on his White girlfriend’s family, so yeah, it’s not genuine.

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