Emails From Those Who Can’t Write Back

so as you know,
i wrote something to star fox and sent it to his email.
i needed to vent,
but remember that feeling of him being alive.
well one of my foxhole favs,
wrote this in the comment:

You should write the response you know he would write. Perhaps he can help you. Either way, focusing on what he would say might be good for you.

…and i felt a chill.
so i wrote the response

heyyyyyy big brother!

i’m so glad you reached out. i’ve been so busy ever since… well, you know. i’ve been watching over you, my nieces, the fam, mummy, and daddy. i see you and mummy are close. i’m glad. you can see what i dealt with when i was alive. don’t tell her too much tho. she will run with that and make it a big deal. sometimes you gotta just let her talk.

yes! remember “secrets”! omg, we looked so good that night. you still have that accessory? i’m glad you liked it. it pained me to give it to you. i promised you some other stuff and i wish i was alive to give it to you. that stripper was FINE! OOH! i would have made a mission to fuck him.

i understand about the job hunt. when i left new yawk to head down south, it was hard for me too. i was doing all those career moves for free, but i figured one day, it would pay off for more. why did they have to kill me? i was just stepping into my career. jealously is a bitch tho. i’m happier. it is different up here. you can see all. instead of praying with you, i’m with you in spirit. every time you see someone who looks like me and you it almost takes your breath away, that is me. i’m with you. remember i always told you that you had this light about you? i need you to start to see it. once you do, your life will change. i promise you!

i don’t understand the donald trump thing.

you didn’t take up any of my time. whenever you need to vent, just send me an email. i’m always around in spirit. shit, i give you hints on what to wear! i’m always there. your time is coming. just hold on big brother.

i love you!!!
star fox

…and deadass,
after i wrote that,
i was in tears.
i could hear it in his voice too.
i feel relieved now.
i’m glad i was able to do that.
thanks jay for recommending it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Emails From Those Who Can’t Write Back”

  1. WOW!!!!! Mr. Fox,

    I’m in tears!! This is so Powerful! I’m feeling every word, particularly when ” Star Fox” said “if you see someone that looks like me it is me” I have to go to the break room and cry!!!

    Mr. Jay, always comes thru with “knowledge and wisdom!

    1. ^thank you bernard!

      i’m sorry that i made you cry!!
      that wasn’t the intent.
      i needed to release that.
      oddly enough,
      the words just flowed through me.

  2. very very sweet and touching I’m pretty sure he’s up there watching the blessings coming your way. I know no one will ever replace him and while you have the foxhole it doesn’t come close to him. nothing but love again thanks for sharing with us

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