Don’t Love Me? (I Just Want Your Sex)


tumblr_mpmauzOz7I1qb0nbzo1_500i guess meditating before i leave the house helps.
for the last two days,
i have been home.
could you tell?
i took 2 sick days,
because i was “sick and tired”,
and requested off.
when i got in,
i was surprised i was missed.
everyone was wondering why i wasn’t at work.
vixens mostly.
i got vixens giving me candy and googly eyes.
saying “i missed you so much”.
“don’t call out again”.
i’m grateful that vixens still find me attractive,
but sometimes i wish more wolves were beatin down my door.
i flirt with females to improve my skills,
but nothing beats a wolf trying to get at me.
so earlier…

i decided to have lunch with two vixens from a different department.
they cool and they asked.
i could tell if i really wanted to that i could mess with them.
so we started talking about random shit,
relationships being one of them,
and i said something around the lines like:

“nah i would never do that.
i’m a good boy.
i’m innocent.”

angelwhich i am.
well they both laughed.
i had to ask what was so funny?
this is the reply i got:

“you know you are not innocent.
matter a fact,
you don’t look like the “lovey dovey” type at all.
you come off like you get what you want and say “i’ll call you”.
i couldn’t see you in a relationship at all.”

tumblr_mdrpkhSYGJ1qbrdf3o1_500the other vixen agreed.
sure i’m a raunchy sob on this site,
but in person i am completely different.
i actually have gotten this a lot.
many vixens have said this.
star fox said this.
its funny to others,
but it makes me wonder what kind of vibe i give off?
i’m actually really private about my life outside of work.
hell everyone was asking me:

what you do for the 4th weekend?
i know you was out getting turnt up!
you look like you would be at every event in the city!”

i shook my head and played coy,
but would they still think i was “that person” if they knew i was home?
i don’t even egg it on or pretend to be something i’m not.
not like i don’t like to turn up,
but i don’t have anyone to turn up with.
the problems of getting rid of seasonal friends.
i won’t lie,
but it kind of bothered me for the vixen to say i wasn’t “lovin”.
thats what i yearn for.
for the rest of the day,
all i could wonder was that if vixens can pick this up…

What do wolves who see me think?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Don’t Love Me? (I Just Want Your Sex)”

  1. Hmm I gotta see you in person to analyze you. But from how you describe yourself I don’t see how you’re consider a bad boy. As for me people get the vibe they can tell me anything from their deepest dirtiest secrets and that how I know certain who appear something turn out to be completely different behind a closed door with locks.

      1. The first time someone calls you a horse punch them on the nose.
        The second time someone calls you a horse punch them in the teeth.
        The third time someone calls you a horse…its time to get a saddle.

        Its very difficult for us to analyze ourselves. We are inherently biased. Others may pickup on things we don’t want to acknowledge.

  2. They probably thought you weren’t the relationship type because you are handsome, well dressed, and suave. Most guys with those qualities are seen as womanizers and players. I talk to a lot of women, I flatter them and all that good stuff, but only so many of them would probably date me. I am the relationship type tho for either gender.

  3. Well like you said before at times your face gives off a attitude vibe, maybe it’s a wall you put up in public so people won’t see your true self. I don’t think you’re a bad boy but as stated above we commenters only know you thru your spiritual self on here.

  4. People say the same about me!! They also say I look sneaky. I don’t get it…I’m the nicest most innocent person in the world

    1. ^see that’s it!
      they think im hiding this amazing life.
      it makes me upset because I’m not.
      well actually this website is pretty amazing.

      1. R u a virgo? If so, then welcome to the club. It’s just a face us virgo have to put on in order to protect the sentive guy deep inside . We send out mixed messages. For instance although I’m a hybrid, most of the guys I meet expect me to b a wolf and me being a dark skin brother from the “mother land” dosen’t help lol. But I kinda understand them though. I carry myself like a wolf, I’m a little bit aggresive simply because I don’t want to get hurt. Hope this makes sense to u.

      2. People say I look that way to! Like I’m up to know good. I be like what?! Is it my smile or something. The convo that you had with the vixens sounded oh to familiar….

  5. Lmao I was told that this may mean that they may be on to your little “secret” if you are not out and proud but idk

  6. I am a little late seeing this entry but this is so me at work with Vixens, on most of the jobs I have worked on, I have been very private about my personal life. I am actually oblivious to advances by Vixens, I have had them buying me breakfast and lunch and other gifts trying to entice me, to one ready to curse another one out and I didnt wont either one LOL. I too wish I had that same magic toward dudes. Maybe this life forces us to hide so much of who we are that no one can get a good read including the dudes we want to attract. @Zion, I too am a Virgo so I can totally feel were you coming from, and I dont know Jamari zodiac but he has a lot of Virgo energy :-), we are just not going to open up to much and we are Kings of putting on different faces for different people. When I am out in a gay setting I try to look more approachable because I am told I have an intimidating presence but it never works, I still do not get approached. Recently I went out and focused on this dude I found attractive and he actually responded and we ended up meeting and talking and having a nice time, if only for that night lol. I would love to be able to read minds to really know how I come off to certain people.

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