Don’t Love Me? (I Just Want Your Sex)


tumblr_mpmauzOz7I1qb0nbzo1_500i guess meditating before i leave the house helps.
for the last two days,
i have been home.
could you tell?
i took 2 sick days,
because i was “sick and tired”,
and requested off.
when i got in,
i was surprised i was missed.
everyone was wondering why i wasn’t at work.
vixens mostly.
i got vixens giving me candy and googly eyes.
saying “i missed you so much”.
“don’t call out again”.
i’m grateful that vixens still find me attractive,
but sometimes i wish more wolves were beatin down my door.
i flirt with females to improve my skills,
but nothing beats a wolf trying to get at me.
so earlier…
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