do ya’ll think brittney griner is coming home anytime soon cause…

i know people who pack all kinds of edibles when they travel.
when we go on vacation with a group of people,
more than likely,
you want to turn tf up in another country.
after this brittney griner drama:

Ya’ll need to seriously research the laws of other countries.

 countries will kill you for something that is a slap on the wrist out here.
i know ya’ll heard about brittney’s fate in russia today.
if you didn’t…

Griner has just been sentenced to nine years behind bars in the case. She was also slapped with a 1 million rubles fine (about $16,300). She will have the opportunity to appeal.

ay yi yi.
i feel so sorry for her.

What can you say or font?

everyone is upsforgets forget that she was in another country.
we have to play by the rules when we visit other countries.
michael p. fay was caned in thailand for ( x theft and vandalism ).
not only that:

She is in a country that we are involved in a war with.

it’s a whole “wrong place; wrong time” type of shit.
bad enough,
they are gonna put her in what they had hopper in on stranger things.

she will be in a russian penal colony as he was.
( x see what a russian penal colony is )

i hope that they can get her back here but why do i feel like

Joe Biden didn’t do anything?

…and what could be done really?
once we sided with the ukraine in this current war,
this was not going to end well.
he did ( x release a statement ).
what a shit show.

May Brittney say strong and we shall continue to have faith for a better outcome.

lowkey: her entire 30s will be down the drain if she doesn’t come home.

highkey: so a foxholer sent me this…

A court in St. Petersburg released a young American woman from prison on Monday after she spent more than a month behind bars on a drug charge. Audrey Lorber was released from custody after the court found her guilty of “attempting to import marijuana purchased in the U.S. into Russia.”

Lorber, 19, was fined 15,000 rubles ($235), according to a statement released by the press service of St. Petersburg’s courts, but was credited for time served, released and exempted from paying the fine.

i was waiting for this kind of story to pop up.
brittney happened to be wrong complexion and sexuality.

article cc: tmz

highkey article: cbs news

16 thoughts on “do ya’ll think brittney griner is coming home anytime soon cause…

  1. I…hope she survives her sentence and I will leave it at that. I am terrified for her safety.

  2. Apparently it is the wrong place and wrong time situation but “allegedly” she is being held for trade for a russian prisoner here who Russia wants. The thing is, the Russian prisoner knows everything about making bombs so that’s why he is being held and if America trades him for Brittney, they would in a sense be going against American culture rules especially as a President, trading somebody that is key in making bombs for somebody who politically would not have any ties. So its a situation where if Biden does get involved, he just traded Brittney for a bomb maker. He would be in all kinds of political trouble but he would be popular in American and WNBA/NBA fans. So its like, which hand should he play. Its nothing he can do but the WNBA/NBA can’t get involved either. This is a real fucked up situation because its looking like she has to serve those 9 years. She is technically a POW but America can’t afford to trade her for a bomb maker because that could come back and bite us in the ass. When you follow this story, you see why Biden can’t get involved.

    1. She’s not a damn POW. She’s a fukcing idiot and lied saying she didn’t know she packed it.

      1. POW’s is anybody a country holds captive and plays political games with. She may have made a mistake but she is being used as a pawn to get a Russian Bomb Maker out of jail that’s here in the states. That’s a Prisoner of War. America sided with Ukraine, Russia is fighting Ukraine. Is that not a Prisoner of War? Her fine is low as hell but they are holding her because America wants her back so bad and Russia feels well if you want her back, what are you willing to trade. The only thing they are willing to trade with us is Brittney for a Russian Bomb Maker. Its not going to happen! She is going to have to serve her 9 years and they will be forced to let her go. Its political games right now. Nothing Biden or any American Government official can do. It would literally have to take for a company like the WNBA or NBA to back out of games that will bring their country money in. The ball is in their court now and the WNBA/NBA is not involved.

  3. Biden is useless. But, he’s the one yalls negro aunts and cuzzins wanted for the primaries. We can’t do shit now. Listening to pastors for political directions. But I digress.

    This is a terrible, and ridiculous outcome. All we can do is hope that her appeal goes thru and she gets a better outcome…and judge.

  4. That white girl story cannot be authentic. That’s not real. Never happened. If it’s in fact, true, her parents are spies in this country and are in on the loop. Russian Kompromats trying to appear merciful.☹️

  5. I
    Have high hopes she will be home soon. I wonder why she didn’t just leave the cartridges or throw em in the trash.
    The goal was to get on the plane and out of the country. I want her out, but is she slow?
    American people, white or black should tread lightly on foreign soil. The entitlement energy does not pass the smell taste across every global frontier. Otto Warmbier had no business in North Korea; touching anything, defacing nothing.
    Back on subject, Brittney will be back soon.

  6. Russia is the last place I would want to go.( A tiny part of me is always placing some of the blame on any westerner ( U.S.) that goes there.)

    I am from the North & when I read about the things that take place in the Sothern States such as Texas, Florida and Georgia
    I would never live there .

    In my opinion ,The Soviet Union is the “South on Steroids!!!” K-lan , K-arens & K-ountry!!!! No thanks.

    I do hope she gets out from under this oppressive regime .

  7. Ain’t no way in the hell that white girl is 19
    49 maybe

    But this is a gross injustice hopefully Biden can trade someone to get her back within the month

    I’m just imagining how she feels rn 🙏🏾

    1. If you’re shocked at what Russia did to Britney Griner, wait till you hear about what the United States does to Black men with weed charges. You’ll be even more shocked to find out who was responsible for the Bill that mass incarcerate blacks people! And Not to be undone, you all be even more shocked to see who has incarcerated black men in Cali. on petty drug charges. But it’s none of my business

      1. Seti
        Kamala Harris put a lot of people away in California. I am stunned at how inarticulate she is in her present incarnation. I voted Democrat, but I am shocked at how their priorities are so completely misaligned.
        Manchin and Sinema have held up lots of the process.
        I would never vote for Mrs Kamala for President.

        1. ^its wild cause if biden steps down for any reason,
          she will be the president and i’m interested in seeing how that ride will go.

        2. It’s clear y’all only read headlines. You don’t know Kamala’s record in California. Please sit down.

          1. I lived in San Francisco during the years Angela Alioto, Frank Jordan, and many others too numerous to name where beginning political careers
            Dianne Feinstein was mayor then, which was right after the Harvey Milk assassination. Nancy Pelosi was just putting up billboards in the Muni buses trying to get elected for Congress. Lived thru the earthquake, when Willie Brown was still Speaker of the California Assembly, before becoming Mayor. Kamala was probably at Howard years before she dated Mayor Brown. She was bad for the City. She is a smart lady who lost her fangs once becoming VP.
            The crime Britney is being sprung from Russia for, Kamala put many Black men in prison for. Figure that one out, ok?! Sashay Away.

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