So This Is Who Derrick Gordon Is Allegedly Dating?

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 10.43.54 AMthe forest is definitely talking.
a couple f-bi’s sent this to me this morning.

“did you see who derrick gordon took to the glaad awards????”
all i can say is wow.
this snow _____ is gerald mccullouch.
he is an actor,
and singer according to wiki.
well he has some kind of check coming in so “score”?
here is one more shot from 3 weeks ago

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 10.44.17 AM Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 10.47.41 AMtumblr_n04i4yBXjV1qf3xzvo2_2503 weeks is a good while to get things poppin.
 before everyone jumps to conclusions this morning,
how do we know he isn’t a mentor?
a platonic friend?
“that older guy that whats to get some but i’m not interested?”
i mean the instagrams look kinda innocent.
that hand on the small of the back did catch my eye.
gerald is attrractive for an older white man tho.
he may have that wickedest slam.
he also may have a check.
lets not forget the check.
i’ll keep my nose in this story.
you can as well:

gerald’s instagram | derrick’s instaram

Author: jamari fox

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84 thoughts on “So This Is Who Derrick Gordon Is Allegedly Dating?”

  1. I think our gay brothers feel safer with white men. Men who look like themselves remind them of the homophobia and oppression they’ve facedin the black community. Not saying it’s right but it’s a theory of mine.

    1. Russel M, due to the strong anti-gay attitude of much of the black community, it may be easier to find and deal openly with someone who is not black for a black gay man. But that is added onto the intense anti-black racism that exists among African Americans.

      So this self-hate is expressed in a number of ways, including murder of other blacks (I’ve heard of blacks killing other blacks and the murderer calling the murdered a “black nigger” to lessen and dehumanize the victim, calling other blacks the N word, not patronizing black owned businesses (A nigger is someone who is stupid, dumb and lazy and even a nigger is smart enough not to use a nigger doctor, lawyer, carpenter, etc.), choosing a non-black for a spouse (So, just as in the the doll experiment, the black children preferred the white doll to the black doll, it “makes sense” that a black man–particularly a rich one–would prefer a white (or other than black) man/woman to a black man/woman. He can afford the best house, the best wine and the best car so he wants (and can afford) the best woman to go along with it. Well, black self-hate and the adoption of European standards of beauty means that the best man/woman will have “fair” (pale) skin, an aquiline (pointy) nose, long “silky” (stringy) hair and thin lips and not dark skin, wide (broad) nose, nappy (strong/tightly coiled) hair and thick/big (full) lips.) And see And it was through slavery and Jim Crow that these self-hatred attributes were adopted by African Americans and spread from generation to generation.

      And it was due to the distortions of that and racial discrimination that such things grew and were perpetuated such that some black boys might say that “You’re acting white” if you are a studious student or “You’re talking white” if you speak grammatically correct American English.

      1. Here are the doll experiments by Dr. Kenneth Clark. See “The Clarks’ doll experiments grew out of Mamie Clark’s master’s degree thesis. They published three major papers between 1939 and 1940 on children’s self-perception related to race. Their studies found contrasts among African-American children attending segregated schools in Washington, DC versus those in integrated schools in New York. The doll experiment involved a child being presented with two dolls. Both of these dolls were completely identical except for the skin and hair color. One doll was white with yellow hair, while the other was brown with black hair. The child was then asked questions inquiring as to which one is the doll they would play with, which one is the nice doll, which one looks bad, which one has the nicer color, etc. The experiment showed a clear preference for the white doll among all children in the study. These findings exposed internalized racism in African-American children, self-hatred that was more acute among children attending segregated schools.”

        “In 2006 filmmaker Kiri Davis recreated the doll study and documented it in a film entitled A Girl Like Me. Despite the many changes in some parts of society, Davis found the same results as did the Drs. Clark in their study of the late 1930s and early 1940s. In the original experiment(s) the majority of the children choose the white dolls. When Davis repeated the experiment 15 out of 21 children also choose the white dolls over the black, giving similar reasons as the original subjects, associating white with being “pretty” or “good” and black with “ugly” or “bad”. The dolls used in the documentary were identical except for skin color.”

  2. The first thing I thought was that he is just a mentor too. I hope to God that’s all it is.

    1. Go back and read Derrick and Gerald #loveislove. And Gordon statement that “age is just a number”. You will figure it out.

    2. I hope Derrick wasn’t coerced by this older man to come out. …Wade Davis had disclosed that his white e boyfriend had pushed him to go public. At the time that he did as he didn’t want to do so at the time. . How ironic.

      1. McCullouch,”Through the years I’ve encouraged him to lead an authentic life and tried my best to offer as much objective support as possible,” says the former CSI actor.

        McCullouch says that he and Gordon finally met in person last month, after the athlete had come out to his family.

        “There is certainly a spark between Derrick and me,” the actor says. “I’m very proud of him and think he’s an engaging, courageous, and handsome young man.”

  3. Please be a mentor I have not had a crush on DG all this time just for him to come out and be lost to every other guy in the world with mediocre BJ skillz OMG

    1. Unfortunately, this may have happened. Gordon comes from one of NJ hoods, so, sugar daddy Gerald may be his meal ticket after college if he doesn’t get drafted to the NBA. LoL.

    1. I think he is a mentor also, but if it is a sexual relationship, should we even care? This is a trend LB4. Where is the black gay love?

      1. I don’t like this shit either but I’m not gonna lie black gay dudes have some of the WORST attitudes ever. From the ones that are “sassy” to the masc dudes that think they are Gods gift to the gays.
        Maybe he thought “fuck it why not”

  4. Who are we to judge, speculate and or assume such. There has been an evolution in this country when it comes to interracial relations. Whatever the nature of their association, I think we all need to respect it. Personally, I am not into Caucasians guys at all, but that does not mean I have the right to project my preferences onto someone else. And really, I commend Derrick for aligning himself of Mr. McCullough’s stature. Perhaps, from a advisory standpoint, he is looking to surround himself with a successful network of individuals. More power to him.

    1. I think this is something else.. I recently was asked by a fellow Psychotherapist about this dynamic, and questioned about the power of “imagery” for young Black gay men…I have my feelings on this issue…what I will say is it’s sad, somewhat puzzling,. Does one ever wonder why so many gay white men think that every black gay men want them. I do find from my experience that many of these guys have issues connecting to the their own men…we can deny it, it doesn’t change the issue. I do find from my interaction with some of these guys is that they have self esteem, racial identity issues which makes them outcast from the wider community…wish him the best of luck still.

    2. There was never any evolution in this country when it comes to interracial relations, it’s just always been the way it has. I’m sick of people always making it seem as if interracial relations are new or ground-breaking when they’re as old as the Egyptian Pyramids.

      Natives and Europeans

      Europeans and Africans

      Africans and Natives


      Cut it out and get educated on the matter because that shit is tired.

      If you’re in an interracial relationship and think you’re some crusader for breaking down color lines, get real, you’re not doing anything that wasn’t done over 5,000 years ago. If you claim you don’t see color, save it, because we all know that’s a lie. Even White people see color when they’re with they’re own kind. Hence them preferring Blondes, Brunettes, or Redheads and Brown, Blue, or Green eyes.

      1. I normally don’t take people to task when it comes to my comments, because I believe everyone is entitled to his or her own viewpoint. Unfortunately, I feel I need to put the evolution I was referring to in context with the period of the 1950’s and 1960’s when it was still pretty much Taboo, UNLESS, you were able to hide your affairs from those individuals who did not approve of your relationship. And let’s face it, in context with today, that is not the case. There is more openness, and free-will for all interracial couples, especially those that are black and white, to express their love and commitment. That was not possible during the segregation and civil rights era because they were such tumultuous times. Does it still exist on some level? Absolutely. But is it as prominent and outward? Hell No. The social and political climate has changed since, giving people more autonomy to be with whomever they want whenever they want, without fear of being lynched or taken in the back woods beaten to death for associating with even looking at a white woman (i.e. Emmet Till).

      2. Please cut it out. I’m sick of hearing that mushy mushy cheesy shit about interracial couples. Interracial relationships still existed back in the 50’s and 60’s. Interracial marriages were happening back in the 1800’s here in America, despite the fact that it was against the law. Every single one of them expressed their love and commitment just fine or else they wouldn’t have been together. Today’s interracial couples are not pioneers or anything of the sort. That shtick is old and tired.

  5. Yea he might be a mentor. I hate to say this but I think I am going to stay within my gay Afro-Puerto Rican & Dominican community, don’t get me wrong I will still date an African or black American wolf. There too much insecurities in the gay black community to handle.

    Anyway who cares if he date an older white guy, he just a football player.

    1. Every race has insecurities. It’s just all about finding that one that fits you. You saying that makes it seem like all gay/bi men have issues accepting themselves and that is not the truth. More likely than not, your are just not attracted to those type.

      1. What you talking about?
        I know every race has insecurities, but black Americans have it worse tho.

      2. I think we should be careful not to generalize as we don’t know this guy’s personal situation. I do believe that people can find honest, healthy love relationships across the lines..the question is not that some gets involved in these relationships, but why, the motive. I was friendly with a major porn model and as time went by and I got to know him, I became aware that this guy had major self image issues, based primarily on hisrace. I realized that over time we had very little in common, he is a nice person, however he surrounded himself with white us as I think he couldn’t relate to Black men. Eventually the friendship deteriorated as I think he was very conscious of this aspect of his personality. During our friends hi only seemed to date white guys, and I found it puzzling. I have grown to understand him now more and have a sense of empathy for him, that’s him so I accept it as such. I may not understand it but…..

  6. This wouldn’t help older gay men look any better. With the whole Bryan Singer thing, I’d hope older gay men would do their best to try and prove that they’re not all into children.

  7. He looks like the type that would be into this…that’s all I have to say… No dissertations on interracial relationships or relationships that clearly indicate one has daddy and self hate issues.

      1. Derrick’s boyfriend posted a picture of them in front of a gay club.Derrick liked the IG picture.Derrick discussed it in the Outsports interview. His team started calling him Gay.He denied it and started becoming isolated from the team.
        As for Gerald they are probably dating because of all the tweets Derrick posted about his date, he was practically giddy with excitement.

  8. I think he’s just a date!!! Just someone he took with him to the event. I don’t think there is much to indicate that they are an item.

  9. denise has been kind enough to help us understand this situation more.
    check out what she had to say in that last entry:

    ” Yes, he confirmed his sexuality with his family. His father didn’t know, but his mother did. She just didn’t want it to be TRUE. And his older brother wasn’t for sure. His twin, well, that is another story. This girl befriended his family, and they don’t have any answers for her. As far as his teammates, they kinda figured that one out last Spring, but they didn’t have confirmation until he spoke up about it. Stephanie found out just like the rest of us. SHAME! I can understand her pain, and yes, she’s VERY hurt. Everyone is so focus on his coming out that they haven’t really thought about her at all. Like you mentioned earlier in one of your post….”there are two sides to every story” and Stephanie story hasn’t been told. She feels like her life is in a movie right now. Do I think he owe her an apology? Of course. Will he ever apologize to her? I don’t know, but I hope he will and SOON. All the boasting that he is doing is not good. But at the same time, he feels bad about the way he treated her.

    “I used her to hide my sexual orientation,” he said.

    I just hope that she never walk around with her head hanging down, unless, she is looking for something. They will see each other again next basketball season. Moreover, New Jersey is there home state.

    Go ahead…ask away. And if I know, I will answer. If I don’t, I will find out for you.

    BTW, you are welcome.”

    he needs to have a talk with her.
    the public will go IN on his ass for the ragamuffin behavior.

  10. I got a serious question tho.
    I am an Afro-Boricua of the tres razas and if I date a black American would that be consider an interracial relationship since I have Native and European sangre? If so, I wonder if black Americans will make a big deal about it.

    1. No or else Barack and Michelle Obama would be considered an interracial couple.

      What does “of the tres razas” mean?

  11. So he dumped his girlfriend to date her father?

    How you gonna leave Stacy to date Father Time?

    That man is getting his Social Security direct deposited what in hell does he have in common with a 20ish year old athlete?

    Gheys and their heroes.


    1. Gerald changes his boys often, so, I don’t think it would last long. I think it is more like a…I had him first thingy. But I could be wrong.

      1. I think you’re right about Gerald. I honestly think relationships like those tend to be exploitive, though there are some exceptions

        How close are you to Derrick and the whole situation about his sexuality?

      2. This question is kinda petty but a curious one:

        Do you know if he is a snow bunny chaser (i.e., he has an aversion to dating black men)?

    2. IF this guy has any money left Derrick better get it now before Gerald trades him in for a younger twink. An example Leo D. his girlfriends are Victoria Secret models generally under 24 years old, every year or so he gets a new one.

      1. But isn’t Leo D gay too? Open secret, like this whole George Clooney crap about him being engaged…to a woman…a hard faced woman at that.
        I wanna be like:

        “Dude you are GAY. DEAL WITH IT.

        Just cut out the the bullshit leading women on–it’s cowardly and expensive paying beards, creating families, and lying all the damn time.”

        Oh and the Silver Surfer is only 47!
        I swore he was in his 60’s.

        Gordon looks 12 and Gerald looks like Creepy McCreeperton.

        Lawd ham mercy.

        It’s too early in season for a hot ass country mess.

      2. Yes, he has money. He also directs gay mini series (some what of porn). He has a movie coming out soon called ” Daddy”. I think he may have sweet talked poor Derrick. Derrick said, “age is just a number” LMAO!

      1. Denise if you know Derrick, please tell him he needs to keep his private life private. There is no need for him to be exposing his personal business this way…he is in the position to be used by all, n sundry to exploit his notoriety. I admire Jason Colins for guarding his privacy. Some things are better left alone than said. In Jamaica there is an adage that says ” the higher the monkey climbs is the more he exposes himself” good for Derrick, he is out, now move on with his life. I have met, spoken to Jason Colins, a really nice guy, who I have the utmost of respect for..
        By the way has anyone read a column by Wade Davis where he spoke about his internalized racism, and how this may have shaped his preference. Really honest disclosure…I respect Wade too.

      2. @denise. I saw a picture of them from the GLAAD awards and they were kissing. They were in front of the cameras so it was not done discreetly. Now it was a closed mouth kiss but laaawd Im shocked.

        This is the link to the pic.–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7Zmk9ZmlsbDtoPTQyMTtweG9mZj01MDtweW9mZj0wO3E9NzU7dz03NDk-/

        Oh sorry Jamari im a lil lurker but I love your blog lol.

  12. V Don Rodney, I overstand your sentiments exactly. But you must understand, Derrick is YOUNG and NAIVE. He knows and he doesn’t know. He is just trying to figure out what life is about right now…and I hope he don’t get hurt in the process. We don’t want to push him to the point where he doesn’t listen. I wouldn’t want to say anything to him to push him away. He’s 22 years old, a young adult, not a baby, but still a kid in my eyes. He reads each and every comment made towards him and hopefully he is taking heed to them. Honestly, I think he should have taken his mother to the awards. But this is his journey, so, he has to live life the way he wants to. what concerns me the most is…why this dude chose him? Why not Jason Collins, Michael Sam, Eric Lueshen and the others? Yea mon, I know about the monkey and the tree. I never read that about Wade,. Where can I find it?

  13. jay, I just saw it. There you have it guys, a relationship in deed.

    Lord, God! Jesus take the wheel!! Almighty take the case and hand me the pillow!!! I’m having heart palpitations as I type. I’m too done.

    1. It was obvious by the tweets the last two weeks that his “date” wasn’t just a casual date.Also you don’t make a red carpet debut with some random.
      I wonder how they met.I guess all those “thirsty” guys on IG are pissed.
      He will probably get his heart broken by the much older man.I did but you live and learn.
      As for his ex girlfriend I wonder if she heard the rumors around campus that he was gay and chose to ignore them.Well at least she wasn’t Engaged to him for 7 years like Jason Collins’s ex. Jason’s ex wasted almost a decade with him.

      1. I already knew that something was going on between the two of them. And I already knew he was the date, too. But it wasn’t my business to say. You can make the red carpet with anyone you want. Derrick hopped gay bars in NYC OFTEN.Those guys on IG don’t know, because Derrick hasn’t posted this picture and it would surprise me if he did. It will get old and won’t last long. KARMA. No one at WKU knew about his sexuality and neither did Stephanie. Wow, 7 years? I feel her pain, too.

      2. Oh I thought she dated him at UMass , there were rumors about him at UMass.Like I said it was absolutely wrong what he did but you can’t be truthful with others if you are lying to yourself. Well I got to go to bed.

  14. @denise. I mean it all could be done to stir things up and controversy. However I do know that some of these old white men have a fetish for young black men and the black dudes are too willing to participate.
    So are they really a couple or not? I know his mother and father have to be livid I know they have still dealing with him being gay but getting with a old white man probably will send them over the edge

    1. Yes, yes I know! His parents don’t know about Gerald, well, how old he is in that matter. But they will find out SOON. They are around the same age as this dude, probably 5+ years older. Lord Have Mercy!!!!!

  15. At the risk at sounding a bit pressed, this is attention whoring personified. PDA of any kind is a little much……

    1. Denise from your response to me, I sense by the names that Derrick is a Yardie.. I know his family are disturbed. It’s one thing to come out, but to find out their son is with this guy is puzzling.. yes we don’t know this guy, but Derrick is 22. He hasn’t lived a life yet. If he was my son, I would be paying that grandfather a visit to find out his intention with my son…you have to protect your children from these perps.. I may be wrong, but In my practice I’ve seen too much…

      Denise to find Wade Davis’ s arte just google wade Davis speaks on his internalized racism”..hope Derrick can wake up n not allow himself to be used or exploited for fetishists purposes.

      1. No dear, he is not. But Jamaica is my stomping ground. Ochie and Mobay. We don’t want to push Derrick away. He have to find his own way. It would be wrong of me to forward this info to his older brother so he can bring this to their parents attention. I mean, Gerald, how old he is and so forth. The last thing Derrick wants to do is hurt his mother. I can’t do it!

        Derrick Gordon… Everyone the guy im with in the pic is the Handsome Gerald McCullouch

  16. Thank the old man for proving the fact that there’s an age problem. I roll my eyes when I see the majority of old queens saying they’re looking for a younger man. What the hell is wrong with guys your age? Your old too ya know.

    It also puts the Bryan Singer thing into perspective. He was known to be seen around town with young boys. If that’s any indication, Derrick is just the meat of the moment. Especially me having personal experience with how desperate old gays are.

    I’m always shocked when I see an old gay has a 40 years and up demand because most of them want you to be 25 years old or less.

    1. Another man has come forward saying he had sex with Bryan Singer when he was teen.The new guy is British.The atttorney says there will be dozens of victims coming forward in another sex ring (not the Singer sex ring).Let’s not group Derrick situation with Singer situation.Derrick is over 21 not 16.I’d maybe compare it to Hugh Hefner and his twentysomething girlfriends JMO

  17. I think a lot of gay black boys yearn for daddies and security. White men can help provide that. Of course this is just physical and in a few months it’ll be on to the next one.

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