Daddy Lets Do It Again (I’ll Be Better The Second Time)

58194-Stop-And-Try-Againlife is funny.
one minute things can be going well,
and next thing you know,
you are faced with a surprise pop quiz you didn’t sign up for.
my question is that if you fail miserably the first time,
do you think you will get a shot to redeem yourself the second?
or do you think that first time was the best time?
today i thought about second chances…

Are some tests only meant to be taken one time?…

life can be one big mind fuck of wtf.
some of our failures can be our doing tho.
god and the universe tests us quite often.
you ever notice when you say:

“i’m going to focus on myself.
i ain’t fuckin with no more wolves.
thats it!
i’m done!”

…like you be so dead ass about it.
some fine ass wolf suddenly come out the cut like:

“surprise bitch!”

you try to ignore his ass,
but he starts looking like “the one” real quick.
it isn’t until after you give him your good stuff that he shows his true self.
i been been there,
done that,
and cleaned up the cum soaked sweat funky sheets as a souvenir.

today i had to opportunity to give this fine older wolf my number.
he came in for a big meeting with my boss.
he was flirting with me heavy.
problem was,
liar liar was also there as well.
i got scared and aborted that mission real quick.
i know.
tumblr_mk0l99J4Dd1s4u80lo1_500my punishment was when he took off his suit jacket.
his body.
my emotions.
my horniness.
nearest roof to jump.
i been thinking about this wolf since i got home.
all i could think is if i will ever have the opportunity to see him again?

we cannot escape the tests of life.
there would be no life if we did.
sometimes we are meant to jump head first off a large cliff,
while other times its so easy that you could do it with your eyes closed.
fear will make you miss your opening.
your moment.
sometimes we have to make decisions ourselves.
no cheat sheets.
people will have something to say,
and its great to get feedback,
but what they would do may not work for you.
if you fail,
you have to live with it.
dwell on it.
drive you crazy.
this is where you may get a second chance to try it again.
sadly you could spend months,
maybe even years,
waiting on that same opportunity again.
i had to wonder…

Should we just try to pass all our tests the first time?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Daddy Lets Do It Again (I’ll Be Better The Second Time)”

  1. I hope you have second chance to see him again, but you shouldn’t done that. Don’t give lair, lair the power to control your life now.

  2. Man im going through the same deal kind of. I saw this guy at the club. When i tell you he walked past me and our bodies were electric. We were so drawn to each other that i could feel our hands magnetize and touch together as we walked past, literally like Olivia and Fitz.

    I was dancing with my homie when he walked past and our eyes locked. He smiled one of the most sexiest smiles id ever seen. I’d never felt that attracted to anyone before. He had to be about 6’5″ and towered over me. He parted through the crowd to get to me and grabbed me by the waist.

    The music was blaring but i could hear so clearly say, “Hey how you doing”? He introduced himself but the night was such a blur i dont remember his name. Ugh. He walked away and i didnt get a number or anything. I was STUNNED. Part of me wanted to leave it to chance to see if it was meant to be. Part of me feels like damnit, you’re an idiot. The other part wanted to be like well why he aint ask for my number. You know, blame him for the easy way out. Lol.

    But I’m gonna go out this weekend to the same club and hope to God i see him again. Am i crazy or just too damn hopeful? That was Friday and yet i can’t seem to get him off my mind.

  3. What’s interesting is that I have this young kat that flirts with me like crazy. Thing is he’s a student at my job…and I ain’t about to lose my job over no ass/dick! LOL
    I don’t mess with people on the job…so even though me and a few of the grounds crew flirt and talk shit to one another, I don’t fuck with them like that. Lord knows I would like to get at them and they’d like to get at this ass as well…but it will never happen as long as I work there. Once I leave…THAT’S A DIFFERENT STORY! LOL

    1. ^yeah i felt like outside of work would have been easier!
      i am still thinking about this wolf tho.
      i have this regret over my head for some off reason.

      i’ll chaulk it up to it wasn’t the right time.

  4. Damn I hope you two see each other again, don’t worry things will work out . The bitch liar liar can go choke. Gets yours

  5. Jamari, in the future, you might ask for “his” business card to call him because of your interest in “basket weaving” as he mentioned that he does “basket weaving” as a hobby. Another way is to get the business card so that you can touch bases and clarify some things that he said but this gambit works better if it’s done when you are parting and there is “no time” to clarify the things that you want to know or that he said “now”.

  6. Bullet dodged. You have enough drama at work and need the job too much to be slaking your thirst at the office. This blog has somehow made me care what happens to you. As such, I can’t be anything but happy that liar liar cock blocked you.

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