Daddy Lets Do It Again (I’ll Be Better The Second Time)

58194-Stop-And-Try-Againlife is funny.
one minute things can be going well,
and next thing you know,
you are faced with a surprise pop quiz you didn’t sign up for.
my question is that if you fail miserably the first time,
do you think you will get a shot to redeem yourself the second?
or do you think that first time was the best time?
today i thought about second chances…

Are some tests only meant to be taken one time?…

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The Curious Case Of The Incredible Vanishing Negro

oktextding ding ding.
oh looksie looksie,
it’s a new text.
i wonder from who?
momma asking you to pick up collard greens for dinner?
sibling asking did you dvr over their witches of waverly?
it’s some number you don’t know.
judging from the “wassup”,
they know you.
who they tho?
so you pretend to remember who it is.
(i hit random numbers with a smooth “who the hell is this?”)
after a few conversations,
it’s “him”.
that “guy”.
that guy you met damn near 6 months ago.
you took his number out your phone because he vanished.
he never followed through to say “you weren’t what i was looking for”.
now he is back?
say what?
don’t you hate that shit?

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