confession: i’ve had sex 900 black males and it all started at 14 years old.

i don’t think we fully understand how serious addiction is.
some of us can relate to one (or more) of those things on that list.
i can name a few that i’ve indulged in.

A majority of gay males are addicted to sex.

for some,
is a way to feel seen and loved since that is extremely hard to find in this life.
some of us don’t look at other males as people,
but as conquests or something to worship.
some males want to sexually dominate the type of males that bullied them.
using our sexuality to control other males tends to be exhilarating.
its the only time many of us can feel in control of our lives tbh.
it’s the only time we actually feel “love” for 15-20 minutes.
i watched a video on “soft white underbelly” about a guy named philip.

he is a sex addict in la who has had sex with over 900 males,
the BBC being his preference…

this made me cry.

This is the story of many males in the life and we don’t even realize it.

The sex parties
Sticking dicks in gloryholes

Leaving home to fuck random males every (other) night
Scrolling through apps for our next smash.
Being in relationships but still wanting it to be open to fuck other males.

even during the intense lockdowns of the pandemic,
you could see the intense withdrawals from the sex addictions.

i can believe black males would fuck him.
black males fuck anything with a fat ass.
you see the downtrodden white vixens they fuck on the low.
some black males act bougie about who they’ll smash…

But when a male wants to bust a nut,
he’ll stick his dick in any hole that’s available to him.

i keep telling vixens this and they don’t even understand it.
he didn’t like or love you to fuck the shit outta you.
he was horny and you were available.
just look at the videos of some of the users,
straight and gay,
and watch their sex partners.
literally: anything.

philip’s movements and happiness about it all are what disturbed me.
he has this child-like quality like he hasn’t grown up due to all the abuse he faced.
all he knows is sex.
his snapback and black males loving it so much were really telling to me.
his self-esteem is based on how males see him sexually.

Sound familiar?

he was groomed at a young age and didn’t have a healthy way to express himself.
he started at 14.
i don’t even think he feels he has a problem.
it’s like he is in his own movie,

I really would like to have a discussion about this video with the foxhole.

i think it’s really important.

lowkey: i am really sad how he said he was gifted as a kid (@34:15).
he said he was depressed and was a lost soul,
despite having good grades and being raised right.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “confession: i’ve had sex 900 black males and it all started at 14 years old.”

  1. For me I just wonder how does one keep their mental and spiritual health intact when coming into contact with so many different spirits and energies. How does one maintain your body and or mindset having sex with so many different people.


      he had had 900 different spirits and energies up in him.
      some probably had bad luck or were horrible energies to be in contact with.
      from that video,
      you can see just how effected he is.
      at 46,
      he is still like a child.
      its like time stopped for him being sexually active so young.

  2. Okay I can relate, tbh I can’t go at least two weeks without some dick it was way worse when I was younger and especially my college days I got beat down almost every night (but a majority of that time by the same guys) but 900? NINE-HUNDRED!!!! That seems a bit of an exaggeration!

    1. ^that man is 46 years old and started when he was 14.
      it is highly possible.
      by how he speaks,
      sex is all he knows.

      i’m sure there are gay males and vixens we know that have over 100 body counts.
      straight males can go even hire since pussy is always available to them.
      sex addiction is legit.

      1. To be honest I thought it would be more, I mean he’s been sexually active for 32 years lol….I think he’s been very modest in that number.

  3. Firstly…He is lucky to live the tale and tell it as he started fucking around during the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic.

    Secondly- he is NOT alone. There are plenty like him around, black and white, men and women. He’s just brave enough to talk about it. I hate to say this but I’m a realist- some people are on this Earth JUST TO FUCK, period. He’s ADDICTED to sex, to abuse, to be wanted, to be submissive, to be someone’s whore, to be non compliant and to be used as a VESSEL for all dicks, gay or straight!

    Addiction is REAL and there seems to be no treatment for it despite what they tell you. To me addiction is like a seed, a broken gene is the DNA, that is planted deep in the center of our bodies energy system and try as you may to suppress it, it may lay dormant but it is there waiting to be erupted like a volcano.

    What this has opened up is a discussion on how males are- they are like dogs and you are right Jamari they will fuck ANYTHING when their little head calls out to be serviced. Addiction is the disease of the 21st century -Sex, drugs, social media, money, violence, you can name them all – there isn’t enough cure in the world to crack human addiction. Kiss it and leave it. Those that have help and is ‘cured’ well done. Those like Phillip that is still alive to tell their tale, well done.

    It is what it is.

    1. ^you know,
      it’s funny you write this:

      “I hate to say this but I’m a realist- some people are on this Earth JUST TO FUCK, period. He’s ADDICTED to sex, to abuse, to be wanted, to be submissive, to be someone’s whore, to be non compliant and to be used as a VESSEL for all dicks, gay or straight!”

      i feel like you are right.
      some folks are put on this earth to be just that.
      they are the examples that are put here so we don’t end up like them.
      sometimes its us that are the example to others too.
      its really mind blowing when you think about it.

      good comment!

  4. It makes me sick to even have to think that he had that many body count…I haven’t had sex in like 5 years or so. It’s hard for me to even open up to anybody cuz gay relationships don’t last that long. Very few even last.

  5. he was groomed at a young age and didn’t have a healthy way to express himself.


    He was sexually abused (Yes, I think someone older using someone for sex is abuse) and to him this is normal. I don’t want to watch the video. I’m depressed enough as it is these days.

  6. This is possible, but for the last ten of those 32, he closely resembled the current. He’s too ugly for 900 to be possible without cash exchange.

    1. Some people will give it up no matter what the person looks like, so long as they’re breathing. If you don’t believe me, look at some of the pineapples hooking up with conventionally attractive folks on Pornhub, Xvideo, or even Twitter. It ain’t all for money!

      1. What he said. I know of men like him. This is very much real. I started having sex when I was 20. To many of my friends I was considered a prude and a late bloomer. Because at that time, I thought that sex should be something beautiful, passionate and connected.

        As I became older, I realized that sex can be both fun and special. It just depends on the chemistry and the energies of the people involved. From the ages of 21 to 36. I lived with two roommates who were in an open relationship and while there were good times with them.

        I also saw a lot of lying, manipulation and co-dependence with them. (Mind you, I was never intimate with either of them.) I saw how addiction and what the need for attention, validation can do to a relationship. Along with my own childhood traumas. It really screwed my view of what a healthy relationship should be.

        Fast forward to me living on my own. I started hooking up. Having a good time but what I noticed was how selfish at times casual sex can be. While at the same time, it was validating because friends were giving me approval. Along with the fact that in those moments. I was desired, I was wanted. I was needed. i didn’t know it then, but I was slowly becoming controlled by it. Not the sex itself but the feeling of power and control it brought.

        As time passed, I felt used and it became boring to me. I’ve done the bathhouse, sex parties and the like. Also I realized that even in sex you have to be selective and have standards. Just because someone knocks on your door, doesn’t mean you should answer it.

        While there’s nothing wrong with begin a sexual person or even partaking in the above things. However, if you’re using it to numb something. Look at yourself and get some balance within. If you can.

        1. ^beautiful comment leo.

          thank you for sharing.
          i’m grateful for the turn out on this subject.
          it was really important for me to discuss with other like minded folks!

  7. 900 from 14 to 46, breaks down to an average of about 2 per month, btw…

    I suspect he’s got some company in the “Foxhole”…

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