watch out! there is a snake crawling up your leg!

in our forests can lie many snakes.
some are bold with their colors; others blend into the background.
you never see the snake in the grass until it bites you.
it’s the “they won’t ever do that to me” that fucks people up.

They were a snake to others,
but you thought you were immune to getting bit?

one of my home-wolves got bitten by a snake in his garden yesterday.
it’s the size of the bite for me tho…

a new character approaching.


we will call him scavenger because he always scavenging for new pussy,
even though he has been in a relationship for years.
thas a whole other story…
he had this friend that he’s known since they were teenagers.
they did everything together,
but over the years,
the friendship got strained.
you’d think they were dating by how he was carrying on.
cool one minute; falling out the next.
yesterday tho,
i think they both fell off the cliff of no return.
in a crime of passion

This friend-turned-snake sent Scavenger’s vixen all the videos/texts of his cheating

the reason?
the idea is the snake felt like scavenger hasn’t been a good friend.
everyone is confused about why he would go to that extreme,
but they all feel like the snake is on the low.
they feel like the snake was really attracted to scavenger,
but was jealous about all the pussy and his new life without him.

i don’t know,
but that’s the word of mouth on the situation.
i feel there is more to the story tbh.
i’m gay and the times i’ve been hurt,
i’ve never gone to that extreme of outing someone,
especially someone that is supposed to be a friend.

time has no meaning when it comes to friendships.
that creates the worst enemies as they know how to hurt you.
snakes come in many forms and when they strike,
we usually never understand why until it’s too late.

5 thoughts on “watch out! there is a snake crawling up your leg!

  1. I’ve been bitten as well. The crazy part is people were constantly telling me “that’s not your friend” and I would always say how do they say that when they don’t know him like I do. My dad met him and those were the first words out of his mouth after he left.
    All I can say is I’ve never been bitten again. Lesson was learned…the hard way.
    Be careful who you give your spirit/energy to. It’s usually those who are closest to you that are waiting to “F” you over.

    1. ^ i never met the snake in this situation,
      but all his friends were saying that and how they think he is gay.
      he was coming off as one of those jealous dl gays who are secretly attracted to their friend.

      you are so right.
      you have to be careful because not every smiling face is your people.
      i love those who watched someone bite others and turned the other cheek,
      but as soon they get bit,
      they wanna act like a victim.

    2. I think someone like a parent telling you somebody has bad intentions is something to listen to. Even if you want to say they’re being judgmental, at the very least parents should want the best for you. So if you have a good relationship, I’d pay attention to what they have to say.

  2. What I got from this is, there was a poisonous snake dealing with a smaller non-poisonous snake. So since the non-poisnous snake couldn’t hurt the poisonous snake because it had no poison, it went after an easier target.

    I don’t feel bad for either of them. One was cheating. The other knew they were being cheated with.

    Where’s that gif of that elderly Black woman saying: “I’m supposed to feel sorry for that bitch?

    1. ^!!!!!

      and i told him that tbh.
      i told him that this snake might have done you a favor because he doesn’t love his girlfriend.
      he is simply comfortable with her.

      i was very honest with him.

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