watch out! there is a snake crawling up your leg!

in our forests can lie many snakes.
some are bold with their colors; others blend into the background.
you never see the snake in the grass until it bites you.
it’s the “they won’t ever do that to me” that fucks people up.

They were a snake to others,
but you thought you were immune to getting bit?

one of my home-wolves got bitten by a snake in his garden yesterday.
it’s the size of the bite for me tho…

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Which A List Actress Bit Beyonce?

who bit beyonce?
that is the talk of today.
all the hive members at my office didn’t do any work today.
they were sharpening their stingers for their latest victim.
in that same ( x gq interview ),
tiffany haddish told a story of an a list actress who allegedly bit beyonce.
she was even gonna fight them for her.
this is what she had to say
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I’ve Been Bit and The Blood Won’t Stop (Help!)


you need to be burned so you can wake up.
so you can stop trusting so fast.

pineapples wanna stick my for my cream and it ain’t a dream,
things ain’t always what it seem
it’s the ones that smoke blunts witcha,
see your picture
now they wanna grab the guns and come and getcha”notorious big, warning

it’s like you can’t let anyone in your life anymore in 2016.
the more you show these pineapples an ounce of kindness,
the more they want to sink their claws deeper into your back.
you do things with’em,
hang out with’em,
and start to share your life story with’em.


that’s what you call’em.
that is…
until they bite you and the wound is pretty deep.
now you asking yourself:

How did this happen?

you decided to see the good in them and ignore the truth.
the signs were there,
but sometimes we are so desperate for companionship that we miss them.
the crazy part is,
once you defend yourself,
they can’t take it.
so they go and bad mouth you to anyone with an ear.
what happens when other animals believe them?

How do you handle the betrayal?

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So “The Walking Dead” Returned and Well…

tumblr_mkpe68F7w61s1kfq5o2_500well on the good news,
the walking dead came back strong in the ratings last night.
onto the bad news (w/ spoilers)…
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