So “The Walking Dead” Returned and Well…

tumblr_mkpe68F7w61s1kfq5o2_500well on the good news,
the walking dead came back strong in the ratings last night.
onto the bad news (w/ spoilers)…
tumblr_njjavr1Mmf1srvso8o1_r1_500tumblr_njjadcEG4D1twp4vto2_540TYRESE DEAD YA’LL!!!
i was devastated.
he got bit not once,
but twice,
on the same arm.
i can just imagine the infections.
they tried to cut his arm off,
but it was too late.
i can’t say that tyrese wasn’t a simp of epic proportions.
he was only the babysitter.
he did have his “hulk smash” moments,
but he was a bonafide moron at other things.
i did like all of the past dead folks came back.

tumblr_njjbz5wDum1tmbcvgo1_1280some to haunt him.
others to take him to heaven.
tumblr_njjbthVeEQ1qlb0yro1_500they just killed beth before they went away on hiatus,
and they return with killing tyrese.
who is next?

lowkey: i hate this one:

tumblr_njirnb5era1rvjmqpo1_1280like seriously.
the name fits.
i need him removed.
he always getting someone killed.

sidebar: i wonder if my boy saul from breaking bad’s show was good?
too bad walter white won’t be making an appearance.

5 thoughts on “So “The Walking Dead” Returned and Well…

  1. Every time they gain a black guy, they lose a black guy. Like when they got the priest, that guy was cannibalized, n then when Chris comes on, Tyrese gets shafted. It’s pretty sad.

    Better call Saul was sooo good. It was just like watching Breaking Bad again. Honestly, I cried for him when they showed how sad his life was post breaking bad.

    The fact we see some familiar faces in the first two episodes and that we have a TV series that is well directed and shot again is just refreshing.

    It’s no Walter white, but allegedly he might be making an appearance. They said the show would take place before Breaking Bad, during and after.

    I can’t wait for next week.

    And while we’re on the topic, did any of you guys hear Marvel can now use Spiderman with the rest of the Marvel Universe? We’re going to see Spidey next to Iron Man!

    1. One thing about the show they tell you is don’t get attached to the characters, because you never know when their time is up. Even the main characters die on this mofo! I had a feeling Tyrese was gonna die…but I thought it would happen in the season finale! I was mad as hell he got killed Sunday night! I was crushin on that hunk of beef back when he was on The Wire. R.I.P. Tyrese!
      Gotta wonder who’s next?! My money’s on the Asian kid, Glen. I hope it’s Carl’s son because I can’t stand his whiny ass (lol)…but I think it’s gonna be Glen.

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