I’ve Been Bit and The Blood Won’t Stop (Help!)


you need to be burned so you can wake up.
so you can stop trusting so fast.

pineapples wanna stick my for my cream and it ain’t a dream,
things ain’t always what it seem
it’s the ones that smoke blunts witcha,
see your picture
now they wanna grab the guns and come and getcha”notorious big, warning

it’s like you can’t let anyone in your life anymore in 2016.
the more you show these pineapples an ounce of kindness,
the more they want to sink their claws deeper into your back.
you do things with’em,
hang out with’em,
and start to share your life story with’em.


that’s what you call’em.
that is…
until they bite you and the wound is pretty deep.
now you asking yourself:

How did this happen?

you decided to see the good in them and ignore the truth.
the signs were there,
but sometimes we are so desperate for companionship that we miss them.
the crazy part is,
once you defend yourself,
they can’t take it.
so they go and bad mouth you to anyone with an ear.
what happens when other animals believe them?

How do you handle the betrayal?

i have been bit.
it’s a bad bite,
but it’s definitely not fatal.
my reputation is being dragged through the mud with lies.
giphy giphy-1 giphy-2 giphy-3
i’ve been through this before.
the lesson just sucks.

i want too much friends

i like befriending other animals.
i don’t like being alone.
if i’m always emotionally giving,
then those “friends” are use to dysfunction.
they are use to being treated like shit,
so when i come in and show a little love,
it’s a foreign concept.

tumblr_nnemkuKeOe1sqia6ao1_250-1in situations like this,
you could go and air them out.
play “tit for tat” and try and ruin their reputation.
that only makes you look #petty.
even though #petty is in,
it has never gotten me anywhere.
you end up being everything they said you were.
the best way i’ve learned is to ignore.
in the midst of adversity,
it’s best to just fall all the way back.
i’ve learned to now take responsibility for my role.
it’s not easy,
but it’s better than making a fool of yourself.
karma always shows who is real or fake.
it may not happen when you want it,
but you’ll be too busy winning at life to care.

8 thoughts on “I’ve Been Bit and The Blood Won’t Stop (Help!)

  1. Lindo!!! whoa… “black bitch?” why did you have to say “black?” seriously? Wow!!! why not just say Bitch…

  2. I know you’re talking about work wolf and to be quite honest with you what did you expect when you befriend someone from the street o the ghetto? These ghetto, ratchet people don’t understanding the meaning of friendship. Look where they were brought up with a whore for a mother with multiple baby daddies who are teaching their own children the meaning of life is fucking. Plus there is a serious mental issue among these people. Look at your cousin she’s nothing but damage goods and work wolf only thinks with his penis. I strongly advise you to look for friends from other places, not from the street.

      1. But don’t beat yourself up though. This was an experience that you learn and grow from. Nothing more than that because you are up here and they are down there and it’s very hard mingle because no matter how hard you tried to pull them up with you. It doesn’t work period and it’s not worth your valuable time to keep on trying.

        I’m not saying you are better than them…. No, scratch that, you are better than them. You’re a good worker, respectable, nice and actually love yourself, but yet look at the people you are hanging out with a whore and a piece of garbage. Work Wolf only thinks with his dick and I bet he doesn’t even have life goals or dreams to accomplish. He just want to be a fucking whore and one of these days he gonna get sick and drop dead.

        Your cousin is a low-life. I’m sorry but I can’t stand her. Disrespectful, lack manners, and doesn’t contribute into anything except eating your food, wasting toilet paper and trying to fight with you. That really piss me off. How dare that black bitch have the nerve to fight you and get mad when you are the only one who open the door for her when you shouldn’t. That dirty stinking garbage should be grateful instead of taking advantage.

        I am sorry, but ghetto people really get under my skin. Don’t socialize with those people.

  3. If you can, try learning to like being alone. I’m very introverted so it’s easy for me to want to be alone, but my problem is I’m alone too much. If you can find that healthy balance, you will not be afraid of only letting the right people in your life. It will be a lot easier to notice who isn’t for you because you’re paying more attention to them and your compatibility rather than trying to not be alone. Being alone sucks, but seeing the benefit of it can make it a useful tool.

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