and crank dat oooooooh (nfl unemployment line) crank dat oooooh (nfl unemployment line)

they have been trying to bring sports back for the fans during this pandemic,
but some of these baller wolves are dumb.
they just dumb.
many baller wolves have been getting fired on their day-offs for being reckless.
they supposed to be sitting their asses down during the ro-ro,
but you know they can’t do such a thing.
josh hawkins,
who WAS on the practice squad for the carolina panthers,
is going down as another example for 2020.
he was out here,
and flexing

what an embarrassing way to find yourself out of the league.
out here doing a dance from 2007 during a pandemic with no mask on.

i wonder if soulja boy hates performing this now?
does he even perform still?

i know josh is gonna hold a ton of resentment towards his girlfriend for this.
she was the one who was filming.

how embarassing because judging from their ig,
they loved flexing all over social media:


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What’s the point of having you if I had to hide you ? . #relationshipgoals #love #itsjustus

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Mr. & Mrs. Degrees ❄️ . #ItsJustUs #relationshipgoals

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Over seas and back, we been round trippin. #relationshipgoals #ItsJustUs

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I got love all around me, cartier bracelets.

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i wonder if they’ll be documenting the starting over process?

lowkey: he has been around the block during this nfl career…

  • Green Bay Packers (2016–2017)
  • Carolina Panthers (2018)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (2018)*
  • Philadelphia Eagles (2018)
  • Dallas Renegades (2020)
  • Atlanta Falcons (2020)*
  • Carolina Panthers (2020)*
    x see more on wiki

was he on a country wide tour?????

15 thoughts on “and crank dat oooooooh (nfl unemployment line) crank dat oooooh (nfl unemployment line)

  1. But, on the positive side, he can sell the boat, Cartier, and helicopter he bought on a practice squad salary

  2. I totally thought this entry was gonna be on two other players who git let go today. Possibly for saying the coach don’t know what they doing…

    S/N: Soulja is actually a pretty competent business man. Some of his ventures are doing really good (he got a soap company right before the pandemic began) and some others aren’t (that time he tried to release his own phone). But I think he’s doing pretty well, though idk if he was performing

  3. NFL Players seem to be the dumbest (and most violet – but we’ll save that for another day) of the athlete types

    1. I remember reading an ESPN report (I think) years ago that the NFL has the highest rate of illiterate players in any professional league. THAT is scary.

      1. I believe it. We all know that one person who was good on the football field but dumb as box of rocks when it came academy’s.

  4. And the NFL wondering why players catching it faster when they should be quarantining. Might as well shut the league down, they don’t care because they got money. Its too many people with money think they can just hire somebody to fix them.

    1. ^i’m convinced this rona situation would have been over if folks sat their asses down.
      for a few months,
      you mean to tell me no one could follow the rules?
      its real ridiculous.

    2. The NFL is actually the lower paying professional league, as opposed to the NBA & MLB, even MLS. Their players don’t make as much, and many of their contracts are not guaranteed contracts (instead loaded with incentives that many players cannot meet). You only have a handful of players making mega dollars. So when these players spend foolishly, or risk their careers with antics…it amazes me. They can be replaced with a snap of the fingers, so why risk it?!

  5. Basically, he’s a nobody getting bounce around the league…what a dumb ass for wanting to flex and going into clubs with no masks. The NFL is being strict on going outside and not wanting their seasons canceled over a spread of the RONA. The NBA has been the only league with a successful no Rona happening in the bubble.

    1. ^i mean,
      can he?
      he is the one who was out here looking dumb LOL

      this is what happens when people need to film every damn thing for their stories.

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