The Marvelous Moose Makes Another Scene

tumblr_n15kg113Pf1r8s5bto1_500yeah keep tellin yaself that.
i had second hand embarrassment for moose today.
i couldn’t watch because i was watching the allstar game (go east!),
but how ignorant was she at that charity event kenya threw?
she was so rude and for what tho?

i see she running away from marlo next week.
i hear marlo threw a water bottle at her head.
on lighter news,
did anyone see my benny?
you know i woulda dropped major dough on his penis that night!
some of the other wolves for auction looked good as well.
any thoughts on moose leakes?

x watch episode courtesy of mr world premiere

“Being Gay Is Not A Man”

6a00d8341c730253ef01a5116c24af970c-500withat’s what ^he said.
everyone meet rufus warren.
he is a pre baller jackal for mississippi state.
an f-bi “fox signaled” me that he has a problem with michael sam.
only michael sam.
he says he likes “us”,
but doesn’t want “us” playing football.
check his reason in his tweets…
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Barbie Shows You What Plastic Body Parts Can Get You

021214-SI-Barbie-IA.vadapt.955.medium.34so barbie gets the cover on sports illustrated.
nicki minaj would be so proud.
they put her on the cover to boost her image.
my question is:
why is a doll,
that girls are known to play with,
on a major sports afflicted magazine?
isn’t that kinda… odd?
well the men who read tend to like their hoe’s body parts in plastic anyway.
i guess its about time she get her props.

read more: cbs news

Westboro Bible Thumpers Vs The Great Wall of Mizzou

giphyit starts.
an f-bi just sent me this email about whats about to go down at mizzou this saturday.
the bible thumpers of westboro vs the university of missouri.
who will win?…
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