cardi b explains why kylie jenner had “wap” to be in the video

when anything becomes hype af for hypebeasts all across these forests,
i tend to ignore it until it’s regular.
i’m funny like that.
savage” by megan thee stallion is one song i had on ignore until recently.
it seems like “wap” is about to be on that same wave.
i’m about tired of hearing all the issues about this catchy/good/borderline basic song/video.
everyone is upset that kylie jenner made an appearance within the video.
ya’ll was so mad,
(  x a petition was made ) to have her removed.
it’s NEVER that serious tbh.
well everyone has been fuming as to why kylie was even in the video.
cardi made a statement on twitter…

so in other words:

Business transaction

once i saw the words,
kris jenner“,
i knew what type of time this was.

that is the name of the game in hollywood.
as much as cardi could have given a pretty black/dominican vixen her air time,
she had to get her “pay her dues” on.
we don’t know who or what put money into that video and production.
it’s never just “she is in the video“.
there is always some other shit that comes with it.
you’re only as good as your networks in this entertainment game.
some gotta sell out a little to earn something in return.
imagine bey having kim k in “black is king“?
kendall j modelling for rih‘s “fenty skin“?
they have built a solid foundation for their brands.
cardi isn’t established yet.
she is pretty much still owned and is playing chess.
as much as i’d like to have seen:

i guess normani was their “pretty black vixen cameo quota”.

lowkey: is normani gonna come out with another single?
an album?
or is she a solid gold dancer?
what are we doing?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “cardi b explains why kylie jenner had “wap” to be in the video”

  1. That’s what I was saying….Kylie was the business marketing took. Use them how they use us.

  2. Sometimes I hate Twitter ,etc. Such tools that gives voices of ” Hate” ( I hate this ,, I hate that ,, Nick said what?) With the exception to this site and the educated readers , I tune a lot of stuff out

    Your so very right Jamari” Its not that serious” .. Who gives a F @!K about Kyle in a video.. go stop Black on Black violence, or come up with a plan to DE-fund the police that will still provide the much needed protection

    .. They really Irk Me!!!!!

    1. There’s no such thing as “Black on Black” crime. I don’t even feel like explaining why that term is bullshit because it’s been explained ad nauseam. Stop regurgitating white supremacist talking points

  3. Cardi singing Motivation had me DYING!!!! I still don’t care for her. And people aren’t being dramatic about Kylie. The song literally STOPPED for her and she got way more screentime than the other girls. So much so I don’t know who they were.

    Also, she was the reason for Megan Thee Stallion getting shot. HELLO?!?! They could have cut her from the video and as an “exclusive” let Kylie release the version with her on her page. I also would’ve maybe said let’s make your video appearance a commercial for your new line of Emulate Black Women products and use my song in the campaign. I would’ve spun some PR BS about Kylie connecting with a more diverse demographic JUST so I didn’t have to have her on my Youtube page nor social media.

  4. The video was expensive (Cardi mentioned at least $100K for COVID testing.
    She doesn’t have management right now.
    No record for over a year.
    Now, she did mention it being a several other girls rapping (can we say ‘remix?’)
    So, this did what it intended – garner talk, mentions, and views.

    Honestly, Kylie could’ve been like the other girls at the end, but I doubt she knows how to move lol

    So, yeah, business transaction. Some quid pro quo

  5. Lol I feel like this whole song and video will be very flash in the pan. The chorus isn’t catchy enough and you can’t really play it on the radio without censoring every other word.

    Cardi is kind of turning into Nicki in front of our eyes. All the surgery makes her look older (she’s still in her 20s) and all the posting chart positions and retweeting celebrity co-signs is just how Nicki was/is. She’s very much an industry chick now.

    I can’t fathom why we don’t prop up the MANY young blank women in entertainment that need exposure.

    I can tell she wrote this though 😂

    I liked Money better🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. “I can’t fathom why we don’t prop up the MANY young blank women in entertainment that need exposure.”

      I think that’s the question we need to ask the black community because the way Normani gets attacked on social media and LSA by us is disturbing. All of these basic, mediocre non-black girls can thrive in music but black women are dissected and picked apart to the white meat. I feel like white supremacy has fucked us up to the point of no return and it’s sad.

  6. So much for women empowerment. Every dude I’ve seen react to the video LOVED it. So far the only ones mad are [b…], [b…], & ugly. Shame. Its always the one group mad.

  7. Y’all KNOW Kylie can’t dance, all she can do is walk down the hallway. This video worked for both of them, they got views and Kylie got exposure.

    Also, Normani CLOSED OUT THE VIDEO, what a compliment.

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