can we font about where we gonna sit watching “avengers: end game”?

so i need to go watch “captain marvel”.
it looks boring af to me,
but the reviews seem good.
they dropped the full trailer for “avengers: end game” today.


even tho captain america is the hubz,
i have to font that i’m really attracted to thor.

he turns me tf on.
his bawdy is…

i can’t wait to see this movie.
i heard its gonna be like 4 hours with an intermission.
i don’t even care.
i’ll sleep in that bitch to see how this end.
“avengers: end game” comes out april 26th.

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20 thoughts on “can we font about where we gonna sit watching “avengers: end game”?”

  1. Did you hear they made Danai Gurira’s name small, but gave everyone else top billing on the poster? Smh Even with all that Black Panther did for Marvel, we still get no respect. This is the revised poster:

    The Black woman is the most disrespected, least desired, yet most imitated. (and Black gays can be thrown into that as well)

  2. Idk if I want to support marvel or a lot of brands any more. It’s like i dont see the me(gay black male) ever being represented in things. Or maybe I’m just over exaggerating?

    1. You are over exaggerating it. Everything isn’t about being gay or black. We as a people have to learn how to enjoy things without always making it more than what it is. Now it would be nice if they had a black gay superhero or if there was a gay character in these films. But I rather one of us write that script and develop that than anyone else.

      I would love if Black Panther had a gay minor storyline and they make that its own franchise. I’m not too crazy about the superhero films because they either corny or boring. I would watch it with a friend or on a date but not on my own. I did enjoy captain America, the 90’s Batman movies and the first 2 X Men movies. And Black Panther was one of the best movies I’ve seen in my entire 30 years on earth.

      1. I disagree it is about being gay and black everyone always get their shine except us the more you play back burner the more we cease to exist in these type of things.

        1. Then why don’t you write and develop it? If that’s what you truly want. No need to wait on Hollywood.

  3. Jamari go see Captain Marvel! No one said it was the best movie ever but it was actually pretty good and entertaining. It was also really funny and to me a Samuel Jackson was the star. He was mad funny! There is also a black pilot who is Monica’s mother; in the comics Monica who is the beautiful little black girl grows up to be the leader of the Avengers and has powers herself.

    Movie was fun I was not bored, not a dull moment and it was cool!

    I’m not sure what’s going on with other people on here but go see it for yourself then you decide. And yes Endgame looks pretty dope I can’t wait!

      1. I dozed off for a few minutes. Watched again on the firestick to give it another shot…and it was still boring

  4. What a foul ass move they did to leave the sister off. These jerks even gave the raccoon a top billing. It was great to see the comic nerds, of all colors, stand up and get in Marvel ass.

      1. Can we talk about the backlash Marvel received for leaving Danai Gurira’s name off the movie poster? They had to reissue the poster and credit her.

      2. Not really. Find the best cam version on line if you really want to see it before End Game. There is a mid credit scene alluding to End Game.

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