Bustin’ Through That Wall

i have been puzzled about something since yesterday.
i wanted to ask the foxhole about it.
it all started from “costume jewelry and polyester fabric” aka diamond and silk.
it actually stemmed from this part of their “minstrel show musings”:

that was my issue with that part.
the whole thing was confusion,
but that part specifically was strange.
this is where we get to the entrance of the rabbit hole.
so this wall they speak of…

Are they putting it around the entire USA?
going all around the country?

from what i’ve been told,
it’s only going to be placed around mexico.

this is where we go down the rabbit hole…

When that orange hyena said they were bad hombres out here,
why did he single out only mexicans?

this is where we start to slide further down

aren’t most of the “bad hombres” mostly our own?
bad enough,
the ones wearing blue who are served to protect us…
if we really want to get deep with all this racism,
but who has been serial killing jackals?
the ones who went on mass murdering sprees?
so when i heard the lyrics:

“build that wall
build that wall
protect us all,
before this country fall…”

…that’s very ironic seeing whose our current president.
one who is okay fanning the flames of impending destruction.
im just saying…
if i’m wrong about this,
and completely ignorant,
please help me to understand foxhole.

…because i’m baffled.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Bustin’ Through That Wall”

  1. Even if by small chance “the wall” were built it would be for nothing.

    It’s not exactly a cake walk to get over the border now. Immigrants are risking their lives with coyotes that overcharge them and bring them over, swimming through that murky ass Gulf of Mexico water and traveling for days through the desert.

    These Neanderthal white people think less Mexicans and minorities in general is going to somehow free up jobs and resources for their underachieving asses. Little do they know rich white people are their biggest enemies. The same ones they elect and stand with like idiots.

  2. two things…never try to apply logic to a crazy person. you’ll end up crazy.

    The election of 45 is only making people feel comfortable being who they are…its election validates what this country tried to hide and gloss over. please know that he was allowed into the president…not elected and with the intelligence and security this country has…there are people who knew he would do what he’s doing. any other pesident would have been impeached by now for treason, collusion, ethics, tampering with executive and legislative process, inciting riots and hate…the impeachment process is merely the investigation and trial for such crimes but clearly there are those that do not want him fully investigated

    The real power is calling the senators and congressmen and tell them if they don’t do their job that they will not be elected. I guarantee you if they get enough callsevery single day something will happen. 45 has made this a social media war because he knows that he will lose if people get off social media and get in the asses of their elected officials but all we talk about are his tweets and bullshit

  3. America has always had a hatred of Mexicans. I feel it stems from them not speaking English natively, and them wanting to secure the lands that were stolen from Mexico (CA,TX,NM,AZ, etc.). Despite how much disdain America feigns for Mexico and Mexicans, black people are still public enemy number one. Never forget.

    Yesterday, you posted Diamond and Silk on your IG. I was the one to call it a minstrel show. Let me break something down to the foxhole. Observe how when black people interact with whites, whites always break our names down to nicknames. Diamond and Silk are things that neither one of these women probably own, but thier nicknames are the same. They are caricatures of the ‘typical black woman’ that whites perceive them to be in America. I took the liberty of looking up the #diamondandsilk hashtag on IG and saw that they are backed up by Conservative white America. These types of people that speak against the legitimate aspirations of black people in this country will only be able to service the agenda of white supremacy for a short time, because white people know they cannot trust someone that would betray their own kind. Thier job is to undermine the sentiment that Trump is bad for the country and an open enemy to blacks in America. And for all of that cooning they’ve done, they received $1,300 from the Trump administration.

    1. Eh, you also have some black conservatives as well. I mean some black people (both liberal and conservative) have cooned for coins at one time or another.

  4. Well, let me just say this about what’s going on: IT’S LIP SERVICE. That’s what I’m getting from it. I don’t really think that Donald is going to really build a wall around the U.S.-Mexico border because there is a barrier already in place, but it’s barb wire and other materials that can be broken through. The reason why Donald is targeting Mexicans is because he believes in his mind that there are illegal immigrants living within America (I will not say United because it’s not united to me, at least, not yet).

    Now, here’s where that rabbit hole comes into play, if you look at the history of mass murders, you notice that the individuals that did the killings were NOT BLACK at all and if you look at Lee Boyd Malvo and John Muhammad, they also had a hand in killing multiple people In Maryland and Washington D.C. Finally, you have major cities like Chicago for its high homicide rate along with other cities and then unarmed black people who were killed by police officers which lead to social movements like Black Lives Matter and the problem with police brutality and police reform. So if you ask me, it seems that many people are really living like it’s their last day on Earth and everyone is scared to live and be free. If there’s one thing that can bring America together, it’s tragic events.

    In conclusion Jamari, I feel like 2017 is the year of racism and bigotry along with emotional rants and pure anger. The only way it’ll stop is if we start uniting and stop separating. But what do I know, I’m just a gay black man who is unemployed and live in rural America.

    1. Tragic events do unite the country…for a minute. Then everyone goes back to their lives, and those you just stood side by side with, no longer matter. Look at any tragic event that’s happened over the years, and you will see. We can never unite because there are too many voices sowing discord and fear.

      What’s funny is that if you ask most racists and/or supremacists if a black, jew, hispanic has ever done anything to them PERSONALLY…most will say no. They go along with what is planted in their mind by the smooth-talking leaders of these hate movements. The same can be said for these gangs in our cities and suburbs. They feed these guys BS about they’ll be there for them, we family, etc…but take your ass to jail and you’re on your own…and that leader or your “boys” may be banging your girl out since you’re out of the picture.

      1. Herd mentality, victimization, etc. I mean that’s what happening. Now, if you ask me, I think social media has something to do with it. Of course, it’s basically media and as I’ve said, it’s lip service. Everyone is talking a good game from these so-called “leaders” of the movement, but none of them have the actual balls to really entice change or even start a war because in reality, they’re afraid.

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