“Black Panther” Is Looking Like…

you guys have been blowing up the fox line all day.
the full trailer for “black panther” was released and well…


this fox.
no fucks to give about briefly losing my mind either.

i am soooooooooooo excited for this!!!
i’m there opening weekend.
who do i need to contact????

low-key: can we talk about michael b jordan in this movie?
i love this outfit he has on and i needs me a copy…

that hair on him>>>>>
he is looking to be the sexiest villian it seems.

Author: jamari fox

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24 thoughts on ““Black Panther” Is Looking Like…”

  1. Chadwick is in his 40s🤷🏾‍♂️

    Idris had a small part in Thor but not significant at all.

    MBJ just doesn’t give me the presence of a vengeful villain. His part threw off the otherwise amazing trailer. Maybe I’ll be wrong but I’m surprised he’s jumping back into comics so soon after that atrocious Fantastic Four movie he added nothing to.

    1. @Jay…I would have to agree with you in regards to MBJ. He’s not a fully-rounded actor. Very one-dimensional to me, along with Omar Epps, Tyrese, Bokeem Woodbine. Not good actors at all.

  2. This movie will be a very good movie for both Marvel and for People of Color to see that superheroes doesn’t have to be a white man or woman. You have heroes as black people within the Marvel/D.C. universe (off top, Storm, Black Panther, Green Lantern, Luke Cage, Blade) so yeah of course, the majority of these superhero movies may have a majority of non black cast members, but it’s diversity. But this movie, this movie is different. Like it was meant for black people, but mostly comic book fans alike. So with that said, I’m here for black panther. Just keep the pro black sjws away from me.

  3. I feel this movie is gonna be one for the ages. Hopefully its the black superhero movie we deserve. And I agree Jamari MBJ was more than a lil sexy in that museum clip. It’s funny because I’ve never found him attractive. He definitely gonna lack compared to his costars tho lol.

  4. Come on for the Black History Month release! My only question is how is Michael B Jordan supposed to be Black Panther’s brother but he has no African accent? Like he’s the only one in the movie that sounds like an American? WTF?!

  5. Listen, I have really only two favorite Black superheroes that I want to see…That both need a new edition that is Blade and Spawn. Idk how black folks are forgetting about Spawn. He is epic on so many levels but I guess I can understand the “Marvel” craze as of late. The movie does look interesting tho.

  6. Michael looks sooo good. weird cuz i never used to find him attractive – i thought chadwick was cuter. But my God he looks amazing with the extra weight. And its somethin about his face thats changed – lemme find out he got him some chin implants lol.

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