Get That Tape Measure! (I’m Fitting You For Some Condoms)

are folks even tryna wear condoms anymore?
or are they depending on prep to be the replacement?
well if you still wear condoms,
look no further!
a condom company wants to fit you for the perfect condom!
one for your true size!
so no excuses about:


no more of that.
check this article via fortune

One condom maker has made has finally answered the all-important question “Does size matter?” In short, yes, it does.

The New York Times reports that thanks to new FDA regulations, a Boston-based custom-fit condom company called Global Protection Corp. has started to sell condom that fit a variety of different sizes. Specifically, it’s offering 60 different sizes of condoms, with combinations of ten different lengths and nine different circumferences.

The key, according to the company’s president Davin Wedel is offering smaller condoms than the currently on the market. The average condom today is about 6.69 inches long. That’s great, but the average erect penis is actually an inch shorter. That means that standard condoms often don’t fit well, and men choose not to wear them.

The whole idea behind the longer standard length was that men would roll the end of the condom to get a perfect fit. Except that results in a larger roll of uncomfortable latex at the end for shorter men.

The same can be said for circumference. Standard condoms come between 3.9 and 4.5-inches in circumference. Men with larger girth end up with an uncomfortable tightness from the condom, while smaller men may potentially run into issues with the condom slipping off.

The multi-sized condoms, which are being sold under the name “myONE” allow men to print out a ruler of sorts at home that they can use to measure. Those measurements are then translated into a ‘perfect” size for them.

oh that sounds like a fun activity!
kinda like a school project for sexual ed!

i can dig it.
i see this company is for the wolves on the smaller side tho.
if you go on tumblr right nah,
there are some real “gut busters” that even trojan xl can’t fit.
it can even fit in the damn hole.
if the pipe is too big,
i often wonder how they even get off?
it must get lonely.

i’m glad they are trying to get safety first out there.
i’ll allow it and you should too!

visit: MYONE

article cc: fortune

7 thoughts on “Get That Tape Measure! (I’m Fitting You For Some Condoms)

  1. Most dudes can fit a regular size condom. There are exceptions to the rule, but not as much as a lot them want to think. lol. Nothing worse than seeing a regular size dude wearing a Magnum condom. Nevertheless, this seems like a good idea.

  2. I like this idea! lol.All types of men have sex and all types of men should have protection. I’m here for it!

  3. Where did they do their study for measurements? (because I haven’t seen a penis under 8 inches in ten years) I stopped having sex at one point because I kept running into big dicks.

  4. They could literally put the condom on for the guy and still he will find a way to say its painful in some sort of way.

    1. EXACTLY, bc mofos dont want to wear fucking condoms! Most dudes can really fit a regular size condom just fine.

      1. I saw a video of a person comfortably putting a condom on their feet if a foot can trust me they can.

        I almost dated a guy that said condoms turn him off he can only get and stay hard without which i passed on.

    2. @ RJ. funny you should say that. I also met a dude years ago in CT who said the exact same thing. I cant get it up with a condom,I can only get hard and cum when I do it raw. I was like um ok, oh well. Bye! lol

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