bring that bad body language to me (baby come closer, closer)

body language.
it can reveal a lot if you watch other people.
you can tell who is having sex on the low,
hates or desires each other,
or who makes who uncomfortable.
this is how folks can figure out if someone is gay.

You KNOW when another male is attracted to you (as another male)

it’s can be the obvious and not so obvious things that give things away.
cartlon jordan,
one of my foxhole favs,
posted this picture that showed an example of interesting body language.
it was of kentucky attorney general,
daniel cameron,
and his wife,
mackenize evans



why does this look like they just met each other that day?
there is no intimacy and a distance between them.
their demeanor looks rather cold.
of all the poses a husband and wife could do,
they chose to look like two scientists who found a cure for the rona?
the pretty vixen and i had a quick chat about it:

i’m not saying they need to look like these two in the pic:

angie is me and i’m angie.
you can tell ^they fucked each other’s brains out constantly,

but at least look give off the impression that you both sleep in the same bed.

lowkey: if i’m attracted to you,
i tend to subtly put my hand on a male’s arm if we are having a convo.
if a male is speaking to me and his eye contact is strong,
or he watches my lips as i’m talking,
he is trying to bend me into a pretzel.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “bring that bad body language to me (baby come closer, closer)”

  1. A quick Google search will show quite a few Republican politicians in the same pose with the wives. This pose or the discreet holding hands down by the thigh area. Standard pose. Heck I’ve seen male log cabin Republicans damn near hugged up in pictures but there must be a memo or something circulated at the conventions that hetero couples have to act and pose like that.

  2. This guy looks and sounds like a character from the Misadventures of Flapjack.

    There is no way I can unsee that, especially when he smiles

  3. Frankly she looks like she is fucking him for his black cock, period. I can hear her now- take that black cock and put it in my pussy…… She may be a dominatrix, we never know. He may like his ass slapped, we never know. She may be prudish, we never know. They may be doing this outwardly but inwardly they are fucking whoever they want. One thing we DO know is that he’s a fucking COON, a white ass kissing Negro who has sold out his own people just to prove to his white masters that HE is COMPLIANT

  4. The pose is strange to me because the woman is also grasping him at his back. That is not a common natural grab for a woman. Usually a man does that and the woman stands closer to him. It’s more common in a group photo, not a couples photo.

    If anything, I think as a mixed couple that run in republican circles they are probably on gaurd about showing any intimacy because they dont want to remind their people that a black man is fucking that white woman.

  5. I’m sure his great grandparents are in they graves shameful and hurt to know there grandson is a coon for the white man well well and the pale face cant stand his house nigger ass

  6. In the game of politics, many marriages start as a couple in love that grows apart and stays together for show, or it is an arrangement from the start to benefit the politician. Now in this instance, they look physically awkward and their hard smiles are giving signals that they hate each other.

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