which male of gay representation on tv/movies would you pick to be your boyfriend?

ever so often,
i see something on twitter that puts jumper cables under my seat.
^that question had me thinking about it after i saw it.
shit has been so heavy in the world,
i wanted to keep it light with a majority of these entries today.
out of those 4 wolves:

lowkey: you know some folks be full-on debbie downers at times.

i just don’t think they’ll be wolves because the mathematical equation would equal…”.

like hi,
shut the fuck up.

so in my fantasies,
out the 4…

let me break down the one i’m not choosing.


i felt him when he said this to tariq:

…and he is sexy and the type of aggressive that is a turn on,
but his insecurities made him beat down tariq when they got caught kissing!
he is a violent liability!

even though he found himself towards the end,
no one wants the aggressive insecure wolf who will put paws on you.
those are the types that have an insane need for control.
they love fuckin’ you,
but can’t even greet you as a friend in public due to feeling like folks will find out.
even if ya’ll in a whole nother state,
they gonna feel someone is gonna spot and out him.
if you drop his ass,
he will become a stalker and that can lead down a dangerous path.
nah homie.
i’d only deal with the evolved kaldrick king.

the ones i’d give my number and add to my roster:


when i was younger and watching “noah’s arc“,
wade was like my ultimate fantasy.
i loved the way they looked at each other:

i want a wolf to look at me like i make the world stop each time.
he started out as this straight but made it obvious how attracted he was to noah.
it helped he was fine af too.

i dug how their relationship developed during that first season.
they had their ups and downs,
but they ultimately made it down the aisle.
wade is the type of evolved wolf that i’d be really into.


like wade,
lil murda became obsessed with uncle clifford when he first saw him.
he knew what he wanted and went after it.

again: sexy af to me.
even tho it would be risky af since he’s pursuing a rapping career,
lil murda is honest and doesn’t seem to be selling dreams to uncle clifford.
since it would be a discreet situation,
i’d see what’s he’s like on that private.

ultimately tho,
i’m choosing:


first off,
his bawdy drove me crazy.

chiron is that type of quiet confidence that drives me crazy.
that fact this mofo never forgot about kevin and went to find him

i’ll marry you.”

a male understanding of his sexuality,
even if it scares him,
is really attractive to me.
he gets points for not leading on vixens in the process.
i find a lot of males are attracted to me,
but they are intimidated by their attraction to me (if that makes sense).
so they play these silly mind games and leave me in emotional turmoil.
i found chiron’s story arc appealing because it’s the evolved male.
he loved kevin and wanted to continue what they started as teenagers.

i mean he was wet dreaming over him.
not to mention that chiron was a big muscle teddy bear.
he was hard on the outside but…


this scene is so vulnerable.
i cried in the movies during this part.

i’m picking chiron.

Who would you pick out of the 4?

31 thoughts on “which male of gay representation on tv/movies would you pick to be your boyfriend?

  1. Between Wade and Murda. They know what they want. They just learning how to deal with it. Kaldrick and Chiron the same person. They been fucked up in the love department they whole life. Chiron had to fight all of his until he fought back and got tired of being the victim. That hustler life, he inherited that. Juan gave him that life. Love, he didn’t have that and still don’t know what love is. He just know that he feels good and that was the only man he ever let touch him and that is how it will always. That will be the only man that gets his heart so with that, Chiron is out.

    Kaldrick was the same way, he didn’t know how to manage being in love and he kept trying to fix the one person he loved the most before realizing he needed to fix him. He hasn’t learned how to love yet, he just found him. That’s why he out for me.

    Murda, he know what he want, he been in the game already. He just ain’t found the person he want to love. That whole thing about him not knowing what he want is a lie. If he didn’t want a man, he wouldn’t have went and cried to the man he loved that he apologized for blowing up on him. That’s love. Murda knows love and the reason he is second is because Murda may be into the tranny or tranny look alikes and for that we can’t work nothing out but his love game is strong. He fights for his and just not for his secret.

    Wade, learned how to love, learned that he can still be him and love a man. This man fought to keep his man, broke up only to get caught cheating with his true love and getting in a accident for his true love to take care of him. If that ain’t love and yet he still acting like he high on love with him, that’s the dude I want. Good luck with them other ones although all of them would be good sex wise

  2. Trevante for sure Physique attitude dark skin All my boxes checked But coming in a very close second is a write in Rockmond Dunbar in Punks His appeal is his personality He has no baggage Yeah he is lightskin but his body So I could deal with it LOL

  3. It’s funny Jamari posted that gif from the iTunes commercial because Mary, Kerry, and Taraji are known bisexuals in Hollywood.

    Remember those gifs of Alicia grinding on Kerry in front of AJ?

    Word around Howard was Taraji had a whole drug dealing stud girlfriend from Barry Farms who helped her with tuition and things for her son.

    If you grew up in NYC in the late-1990s/early-2000s, then you heard the rumors about Mary dyking it out with Angie, Faith, Latifah, Toni, Lil Kim, and Misa. Mary stayed with a bad bitch/rich bitch.

    I’m a fan of Mary and Jaguar; however, I don’t let my bias cloud my judgment like most people. Jaguar can sing her pussy off and her stage presence is out of this world, but she isn’t popular and didn’t get the push they gave Erykah, Jill, Jazmine, and Jennifer.

    Mary can’t sing a lick, but she’s an amazing storyteller and she’s popular with everyone. She’s had a machine behind her for the last 29 years that has singlehandedly attempted to ruin the careers of female R&B artists whom she feels threatened by.

    Jay Z has a similar machine behind him that does the same with male rappers.
    The machine isn’t benevolent and it’s the reason why we’ll be seeing artists like Mary, Jay, Bey, Bhris, Janet, working way past their prime. They won’t be able to step down while they’re still at the top to make way for new talent.

    The same machine disposed of Whitney, Michael, Aaliyah, Biggie, and Tupac for going against the grain and embracing new talent.

    Plenty of people could corroborate Jaguar’s claims, but I doubt they will out of fear of being blackballed by the psychopathic, gaslighting music industry.

    They know how fake nice when they want to (sound like better artists) and most of them are fake as hell including Jill, Erykah, and Mary. They get close to people they want to swagger jack and then boom, they make that person’s entire reality their own.

    Jill sounds like Jaguar on her first and second albums. Jill would beg Jaguar to go grocery shopping for her because she thought she was too famous and people would recognize her. Jill had Jaguar cooking for her and her husband too. Jaguar would buy out all of the copies of Jill’s Words and Sounds at the record stores and pass them out to people on the street. Watch Jill on stage then watch Jaguar. Identical.

    Erykah sounds like Zap Mama and Georgia Anne Muldrow on her third and fourth albums. Erykah was so obsessed with Jaguar that she wrote Booty from Mama’s Gun about Jaguar’s relationship with Common, and named her daughter after a wild feline. Erykah never even fucked Common, she just strung him along while she let M-1, J. Dilla (S.I.P.), and D.O.C. bust her pussy to the white meat.

    Mary had Terri Robinson and Monica Payne singing her debut album, and Faith Evans singing her second one. They were blindsided by Diddy as session singers, Now her (and Bey) out here sounding like every artist signed to Roc Nation.

    Alicia’s another one, but that’s for another post… nah, fuck it! Alicia was out here sounding like Marsha Ambrosius and Vivian Green until Kerry “Crucial” Brothers dumped her ass in Africa somewhere when he learned she was pregnant by Swizz married ass and flew back to the states. Now she sounds like Snoh Aalegra and Nicole Bus.


    I believe every word Jaguar says.

  4. Wade, Wade & more Wade. He’s been my “TV Black gay husband” ever since I saw Noah’s Arc. Nobody else compared IMO. And he is the best looking to me.

    1. His loyalty is so admirable and I’ll never forget when he lost his virginity and when he beat the homophobes who harmed Noah at the gas station on live television. Ugh!… Lawd.

  5. Wade or Chiron, Only. Yeah the physical stuff but also the characters had depth and seemed like solid men.

    1. Nah. It’s implied that they got together though – beyond that night. Both admitting their attraction and desire for each other.

  6. Write in candidate for Troy Baye (Gay secret service agent from Designated Survivor season 3). Secure in his sexuality and seemed never in the closet.

  7. I’ll Date All 4 !!!!One After the other!!! (That way I can have them again to fuck by mistake)” oops We were drunk”

  8. Lil Murda for me. I fell in love with him when he played Tiffany Haddish’s hursband. I watched J. Alphonse play the drums on the streets of NYC, and was wet from witnessing his creativity. I am from the country (Tennessee) and have traveled widely. While living in San Francisco while very young, I met a big donkey dick dude from Mississippi who had a prosthetic leg. I was shocked and sprung the first time I felt that pipe and saw that leg across the room of my apt.
    I have never seen P Valley .
    My heart was shattered when I heard he and Unc C got grimy. I know it’s make believe, but it hurt me knowing he was that close to a queen and it wasn’t me that he touched. I love me some him.♥️♥️. For a while I couldn’t remember J Alphonse name. Isolation is fucking with the mind, some days. I just wanted to not think about it. Lil Murda makes a sweet punk cream. Wrapping your legs around his neck while you getting dick- creamy.
    Papi get 5 stars.

  9. Charon for me. The vulnerability and wanting love all this time is the type of man for me. Ooooooooooooo weeeeeeee the body is the icing on the cake.

  10. I would pick either Wade or Chiron. They both know what they want, very attractive and are in touch with their emotions.

  11. Chiron is my pick!!!! Overall ain’t none of the gay in real life (my assumption is based off what they have said). It’s sad that we don’t have any regular, out, alpha type males to play these roles.

  12. Yup! We all have a chiron and he probably had his natal chiron in Scorpio(sexuality). Excuse my nerd self 🤓

  13. Funny how Chiron is the wounded healer in astrology and represents the part of us that needs healing and the same healing can be used to help others. Chiron in Moonlight had issues with vulnerability and his sexuality.

    It’s between Murda and Chiron for me.

  14. I’m also going to go with Chiron ♥️ . Everything you said Jamari about him was dead on.
    I actually met Trevonte Rhodes when he was promoting that Netflix movie with Sandra Bullock.
    Waaaay better looking in person and super nice guy. I told him he should’ve played spawn instead of Jamie Fox and he laughed and kinda agreed. Got a pic with him too:)

    Followed by Wade.

    Haven’t seen P-Valley yet so not familiar with lil murda.

    I was fascinated with Kaldrick. Him and Tariq’s storyline is what made me even watch the LA Complex.
    The lawyer got the more evolved Kaldrick and I think he was a better fit and wasn’t going to put up with Kaldrick’s BS.

  15. It’s Chiron for me; He’s gorgeous, I’m more physically attracted to Dark-skinned men, the bodys crazy, and he’s low key, down to earth, and a Survivor

  16. Definitely picking Wade. Out of the four he’s legit the most “normal” and imo the sexiest. It’s also thanks to Wade that I can pick up when a “straight” guy is interested in getting some fox tail. …Wade KNEW what he was doing when he opened that door in his towel like that 😂😂😂 I remember even as a kid I was like 👀 Chiron is also a very good choice, but for me personally the drug dealing is a no no.

    1. ^WHEW.

      i love a male who is drunk in love off me.
      i’m his favorite top-shelf drink and he always gotta have a sip.
      that is the sexiest feeling in the world tbh.

    2. Except that Chiron jacked off with a guy he fell for as a teenager (props to them) and then spent years bottled up with desire and self-repression and unable to act on it. Trevante is phoine but that man would be too tortured to have as a love interest. Booty calls, yes. Boyfriend, no.

      It would be Wade by a mile. For a boyfriend/partner/husband.

      All four had conflicts about being gay, though. I mean, what about another out, self-assured gay man. THAT would be super-sexy. Like J. August Richards’ character on that fathers’ show that got canceled. Talk about a man for the long haul!

  17. Chiron or Wade. I mean, Trevante Rhodes body is sick, but it’s more about the vulnerability and loyalty he showed. And Wade grew into himself – he’d have to let the cornrows go tho – we too grown for that.

    1. chiron. first he is beautiful, but we also see him grow up. we can understand his pain and why he does what he does…. plus he is beautiful… oops I think i said that already.

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