Boobs, Moobs, and Random Bunny Rabbits

thegamemyfaceso i watched the video for “pills and potions” today.
when i found out jayceon taylor was making a his male video wolf debut,
i immediately stopped working.
you know i loved-ed-ed-ed him.

i don’t know what the fuck was going on in that video.
i’m being honest.
i’m assuming i needed to be high to get it?
well since i’m asking questions…
what did the rabbits mean?
the metal tears?
jayceon’s moobs?
i thought he was a work out warrior?
has he said “fuck it”?
tumblr_n6ysnfz8rY1s2vjfoo1_250 tumblr_n6ysnfz8rY1s2vjfoo3_250not that i care or anything.
on the positive,
nicki looks GREAT.
she seems so much more comfortable in this fur she’s in.
i also loved the colors in the video.
i can see pasties and rabbit ears being the new summer “hot shit”.
either way the video didn’t make me love the song even more.
it was some random colorfulness that showed nicki’s new sensuality.
it did make me want to sit on jayceon’s face.
thats a whole nother story.

pills and potions will be on nicki’s third album called “the pink print”.
the 2014 release date still a “?” mark.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Boobs, Moobs, and Random Bunny Rabbits”

  1. I like the song, and Nicki looks more mature since she’s toned down. Game looks good, he may have packed on a little, but nonetheless, he still bad.

  2. I’m really digging her normal look too. Yes! no more green hair. The Game looks like a cute bear, like he always does.

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