Nicki Minaj Gonna Have These Wolves Bustin A Couple Tonight

tumblr_namqu2EpdI1qjqxmoo1_500all of the mailroom wolves were talking about it.
some of the wolves that work in other departments were talking about.
nicki minaj debuted her “anaconda” video and with 9 million views already.
i guess you can say this is some hump day vixen candy
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Boobs, Moobs, and Random Bunny Rabbits

thegamemyfaceso i watched the video for “pills and potions” today.
when i found out jayceon taylor was making a his male video wolf debut,
i immediately stopped working.
you know i loved-ed-ed-ed him.
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Miguel Says, That “Pussy Is Mine”

would you let miguel own your cupcakes?
would you let him lick your cream filling off?
well, he wants to own that pussy

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