Nicki Minaj Gonna Have These Wolves Bustin A Couple Tonight

tumblr_namqu2EpdI1qjqxmoo1_500all of the mailroom wolves were talking about it.
some of the wolves that work in other departments were talking about.
nicki minaj debuted her “anaconda” video and with 9 million views already.
i guess you can say this is some hump day vixen candy

…well hot damn!
iggy is somewhere planning some more injections.
she went IN.
the song is about ass so…
her dry cleaner runner or whatever he do seemed to have loved it:

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 8.19.02 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 8.19.15 PMtumblr_nampsycMiB1rs7tcno6_500well he may just be right on the jackin’ off thing.
even sir mix a lot,
the person where the original sample comes from,
had something to say:

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 8.41.00 PMevery wolf at my job wanted to “really” watch it “in the crib”.
uh huh.
while reaching for that kleenex,
cocoa butter,
and sock.

i ain’t sleep.
song still sucks.
video made it a little better tho.

lowkey: i know all the thots,
female and gay,
will be working this out in the club.
i have this feelin’ remy ma about to come with some heat soon tho.

11 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Gonna Have These Wolves Bustin A Couple Tonight

  1. I don’t know why everyone hating on the song? She made it for the clubs, not like she’s really going in like she does on everyone’s remix.

  2. Jamari im laughing because i was saying the same thing to my friend in the car yesterday i can’t wait for Remy to drop some shit Nicki is beginning to bore the fuck out of me…i’m over the videos with naked girls and asses out…i guess str8 men will grovel as usual and females will be in their homes trying to emulate the dance moves…so over how boring hip-hop has gotten with their videos and etc…i miss when videos were creative like with busta rhymes or missy elliott

  3. Nicki always has that one off song that makes no sense and should have never gone to video .. Massive Attack , Stupid Hoe, Beez in the Trap and now Anaconda Maybe it should have ended after the kitchen scene ..I was like oh now Drake’s here?…sidenote ..she did look pretty tho

  4. Ok…that song is whack as fuck!!! As for the video…all that ass shakin’ is corny as hell.
    Same shyt they do in other videos. NOT impressed with the song OR video.

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