BET AWARDS ’15: Thoughts from the Fox

mgid-arc-content-mtvbasejust some “not so quick” thoughts…

i have to say that was probably one of the best bet awards i’ve been in a while.
kudos deb.
getting the shit together.
tracee ellis ross,
who i love,
and anthony anderson did that.
i was getting tired of loud ass kevin hart hosting.
as far as some opinions:

  • kendrick lamar is looking like he going through some things.
    did he not give a good “ol dirty bastard” last night?
    is it just me?
    he doesn’t have the same aura like when he first came out.
    something is up.
  • that “classic man” cut is my shit.
    try getting dressed to that song.
    i guarantee you will feel every inch of swagg flowing through your vains.
  • i love janelle monae.
  • where was jhene aiko?
    she ain’t busy.
    i feel like “eat the booty like groceries” line overshadows that whole song.
    fuck the song of the summer.
    that’s the “verse of the summer”.
    got people out here eating ass with no fucks to give.
  • even though chris brown is ratchet as hell,
    he puts on a good show.
    you can’t take that away from him.
  • o-cakes is too strong in the game to still be a damn featured artist.
  • bad boys reunion>>>>
    lil “muthafuckin” kim >>>>>
    diddy falling in that hole >>>>>
    c6cd72770a0f5147b77b158995e531all epicness.
    the total chicks ain’t busy.
    if the lox,
    who damn near had to hold a protest to get out their bad boy contract could show up…
    i mean seriously.
  • smokey robinson and that long ass speech.
    i know we suppose to respect our elders but gadzooks!
    wrap it up!
  • i love my rihanna,
    but her “BBHMM” skits were so awkward and “non-skit like”.
    ima need a decent introduction to the skits so i’m not lost.
  • meek and nicki are milking this pr-ship to the death.
  • keyshia cole is so fuckin’ ghetto.
    yes we get it.
    you are releasing your album independently.
    read the fuckin’ teleprompter.
  • janet jackson’s tribute is as follows:
    tinashe: eh.
    jason derulo: okay.
    ciara: great,
    could have done it on her own,
    but she was moving so damn fast.
    from what i’ve researched,
    janet was always in sync with her dancers.
    it was good tho.
  • queen janet looked amazing.
    tumblr_nqq4z12l751unwageo1_250this woman doesn’t age.
    i’ll take a dose what she’s having!
    even i thought she was gonna skype hype her acceptance speech.
  • did anyone see those hoodrats who was hype as hell?
    shirts off in the audience and shit?
    did anyone see brandy run away for her life?

    that would have been me.
  • people now realizing big sean got bunz?
    look at this sammich:
  • i’m ready for the “bbhmm” video.
  • i’m baffled at k michelle’s thigh region:
    but i’m even more baffled with this:


    …was tamar not looking like every inch of crazy????

    …and thats it.
    i think i covered what i gave a shit about.



Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “BET AWARDS ’15: Thoughts from the Fox”

  1. Lmfao!!! I was dying at almost every performance. The only thing that got me hyped was lil Kim, Janelle and the weeknd. The hosts were everything. Nicki was ratchet for hitting on dej loaf like that though

  2. I thought this was a good awards show this year. Loved the hosts, just wished they had more skits to do. I was here for Kendrick’s set loved it. The girl who sung in the Smoky tribute (I taking her name is Tori Kelly) did that, she has an amazing voice.

    HELL NO to that Alicia Key /Weekend duet I was not feeling the vocals, the same goes to K.michelle and Tamar. I know these two can sing but last night it just came out wrong to me. And yes Tamar was super scary to me with that eye twitching thing.

    The Janet tribute was okay, Ciara was the best part. They could have replaced Jason with Chris brown.

    Loved the bad boy performance. It was really Faith and lil Kim stole that part of the show for me. It was so refreshing to see them on stage, I was expecting Total to come out but imagine my surprise to see 112 come out and couldn’t get it together 🙁

  3. Lil Kim killed it. Did you see Kelly go in when Kim came out? Jidenna crushed his performance. Chris B did his thing all five times he was on stage. Janet had everybody stanning out like her brother used to. Nicki was shading Keyshia abd Safaree. Girl. We get it. I liked the Weeknd’s performances too, but his bearclaw hair needs to go. Great show!

  4. For once, I wish BET would form a committee of industry artist and professionals and vote on the nominees and have them pick the winners. This show was all over the place as usual with just a bunch of performances thrown in, I would rather them just have a big ass concert. I dont even remember seeing but just a few of the nominees even getting awards, and giving the female rap award to Nicki Minaj I think now like 5 years in a row is a joke. I guess if you show up to the show you will win the award. When Nicki didnt even know what the award was for she won, it let me know none of these people even take this award seriously because it has no integrity behind it. I am glad that we as a people are recognizing our own with awards but just giving awards out based on nothing irks me and cheapens the whole show IMO. The performances as usual each year were hit or miss. None of them stood out to me except Ciara and the Empire crew was pretty good as well. That Tamar K. Michelle performance was awful, both missed sound check and sounded horrible, and Patti should have just said, if you young heffa’s cant bring it, stay your ass at home, she had to literally save her own song. It is always good to see some of the industry vets each year, but this show was way too long and a hour of it could have been cut out. Like most award shoes these days, if I never seen them, I would be okay.

    1. Lmao. They sounded terrible. And whothe hell told K.Michelle to do that sexy dance? She looked like humpty dumpty. But Patty came through, screaming as usual and dressed to the nines. She’s the aunt you can’t wait to show up to the event cause she’s always fly, but you’re Dad’s sister’s shade her hat. Lol. Petty Pendergrass.

    2. I agree man, I can’t really handle award shows of any kind anymore, they’re mostly annoying and lost their significance IMO. I only tune in for certain performances and thats it. That being said, I saw a bit of this BET awards show, andit was very “meh”. The Weeknd/Alicia Keys performance sounded off, and I love them both so I was a bit disappointed, The Janet tribute was cute, Ciara killed it, Janet looked amazing, Chris Brown needs to get help, looking drugged out and errythang He looks, dare I say “ugly” these days. Idk who that big-hipped person is but she sucked and I love what you said about Patti saving her own song LOL! So true. Patti will always bring the heat effortlessly. Her voice is just insane. they should just have her sing at every show.

      I need to see some more of the true artists perform. I remember one year, they had Maxwell perform, Jill Scott, Esperanza Spalding, Erykah Badu, alicia Keys, I think that was the year they did a Prince tribute. I think they might have had some of those people do a Maxwell tribute a separate year.

      S/N: Since when did Big Sean get buns? I guess I never really looked at him before. Hm!

      1. ^I was not impressed with many of the performances either. The Weeknd/Alicia Keys duet was sounding off because Alicia fucked it up. She hasn’t been on point in YEARS. Amazing that someone so talented could fall off like she did. The Weeknd should have done his performance SOLO. Another thing…it’s time to let the hair go. It was interesting a few years ago…now it’s time to cut that shit. LOL

        The Janet tribute was OK. Ciara was the best part of it. She killed it…but she was moving a bit faster than the other dancers at times. It would’ve set the night off right if she came out performing her new single. The choreography for it was kinda hot…for the little bit we saw. LOL

        Chris Brown is a great entertainer and when he is on stage he just makes you forget how fucked up in the head he is. Was it me, or was Omarion looking a little ticked that he was relegated to featured artist status?! LOL

        Tamar & K Michelle…disastrous. I know some kats dig the hips and ass on her…but she looked like a deformed midget in heels to me. That shyt is NOT cute.

        Nicki Minaj…are you really telling me there is NO female in hip-hop better than her?! GTFOH with that mess. 5 years running she’s won. Come on!

        Bad Boy reunion…man, that took me back! Puffy & Co had ’95-’96 ON LOCK!!
        I was sad to see Carl Thomas, Total, Craig Mack, Black Rob missing from the performance. THAT would’ve made it a reunion. 112, did some of those dudes put on some weight?! LOL
        Lil’ Kim’s cameo just put the icing on the cake! Couldn’t really hear her killer verse over the roar of the crowd.

        Tori Kelly has the best Smokey tribute song. Ne-Yo & Robin Thicke could’ve just sat down. Liked how Smokey broke it down…but damn did he have to take so long to get the point across?! Then Nicki Minaj had to go and prove his point later on! LMAO

        And what was up with Kendrick Lamar? Maybe it was just me, but he seemed like something was off.

        Maybe one year they will have an awards show with some awesome artists…but first you have to find the non-studio singers!

  5. This has been the best one in years. Tracee and Anthony are too funny. The Janet tribute was decent I wished it was longer and everybody is saying that Ciara was moving to fast. I’m glad people is seeing that Janet is an icon and giving her respect, she looked so good too. Tamar really has to work on her stage presence she was all over the place, her facial expressions and I couldn’t understand what she was saying when she was singing.

  6. LMFAO @ Brandy running, homegirl was GONE as soon as the F*ck Shit started LOL!

    and those Tamar pictures had me fcking hollering holy shiz! Omg that just killed me! #dead.
    But honestly, I saw Tamar’s performance, and she looked so scary, like wtf was she doing? Her eyes man…just wtf. She needs to not try to be sexy, its just too horrifying.

  7. Besides the legendary JANET JACKSON, my favorite moment was Nicki forgetting what the category she won. It made me laugh. By the way she was dropping a little knowledge in that speech.

    Tamar looked and sounded like shit. K. Michelle over did whatever surgery had done on her thighs/butt.

    Overall good show.

  8. BET Awards aint been the same since Will and Jada hosted: Destinys Child Lapdances and what not. I really watch it now because I know Black twitter will be reckless. Chris Brown still fine just needs to go back dancing shirtless.

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