Baller Wolf, Terrell Suggs, Makes A Movie

who knew baltimore ravens baller wolf terrell suggs was also a screen writer?

about to play in the super bowl this sunday,
i got an email about a movie that terrell wrote and produced with team sizzle.
you gotta start making your plan b,
sooner than later.
it stars a retired baller wolf you may or may not remember…

everyone meet eddie goines:

i’m sure he looks familiar to you.
very attractive.
played for seattle,
and indianapolis.
had to leave the nfl because of knee injuries.
didn’t let that hold him down.
he quickly went on to start acting.
found himself here:


along with other small roles including house of payne,
law& order,
and american gangster.
nice reel eddie.
good to see he didn’t let his exit from the nfl get him down.
terrell got him to star in his movie,
press release from the coalition…

The star of a very talented cast in The Coalition is Eddie Goines who plays Prime Alexander in the film. Prime Alexander is a professional basketball player living the life most men dream of. His money and fame give him and his boys an open door to all of life’s pleasures until a few women band together and join forces to bring these guys down a notch or two. ‘Goines gives us the portrayal of a true a star athlete where all the guys want to be him and all the women want to be with him. His presence and intensity on the screen are riveting’ says writer Damien D. Smith of Urban Film.


i’m here for eddie goines personally.


i always wanted to know what shorty name was in that beyonce video.
now i know…
i’ll check the film out.

movie is released on feb 5.

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