B.J. Daniels Got Me Feeling Like I Want To Give Him A BJ

072213-Rookie-Headerb.j. daniels is the new rookie on the san francisco 49ers.
is this team the new “wolves id let smash”?
he was drafted from usf.
well i ventured over to hoodsworld’s neck of the woods and well…

NFL: San Francisco 49ers-Minicamp6’0
quarter back.
and of course,
a scorpio!!!!!
i knew when my arms started tingling,
it was my scorpio detector...

i love his lips and nose.
something about a wolf and a big nose drives me crazy…

tumblr_mo2djzp0Lz1ril7jko1_500i want him.
ridin’ his mouth.
inside me with that full scorpion.
i’d rock with him tho if he was down with the foxhole.

lowkey: i went to hood’s side and near exploded.
i am so horny right now.
thanks a lot hood.

x visit hood to get a rush of blood to your…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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      1. Damn and here I thought I was the only one who loved dudes with strong features esp. noses. #teamBJ

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