Are Ya’ll Ready For The Basketball Wives Super Trailer?!

tumblr_mq9zrzJetn1qkv2dgo1_500the basketball wives miami vixens are back next week.
as you know it’s their final season for middle aged fuckery.
they just released their super trailer for the world.
ready for it?…

why do these people try to be friends with these women?
it confuses me.
sooooo i thought they were going full “kumbaya hoe” this season?
i guess they will be back to their old antics?
they knew we would be tuning in any longer for some damn therapy sessions.
 i’ll extend my episode viewing courtesy to five.

lowkey: evelyn looks beautiful with black hair.
my condolences go out to tami losing her mom.

video courtesy of: vh1

3 thoughts on “Are Ya’ll Ready For The Basketball Wives Super Trailer?!

  1. I personally love basket ball wives Miami. I am sooooo excited for this season. It’s Ben a yr since we have seen the girls. I don’t fuck with shaunie fake ass. Only problem I have this season is Susie being there. Don’t hate, I stand for all these bitches ratchet ness.

  2. This looks like a bad dream. Why are these old ass 40 year old women still acting like this. I was hoping that VH-1 was going to pull the plug on this train wreck and these old whores could go away for good, but I guess its an audience for this fuckery. I will not trade my ticket to heaven to ride on this train to hell. Shaunie Oneal and Mona Scott Young need to be run out of time for their pimpish and ratchet ways.

  3. I I think that the only thing that they agreed to was no physical confrontations…
    they know they have to keep somewhat of a drama factor to keep people interested

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