At Least Clayton Fox Knows “Naked” Very Well

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 10.15.24 PMremember the wolf ( x this morning ) that was on the toilet?
the one that if he was in your crib,
you may have ignored whatever was going on?
well a foxholer gave us a lead to sniff out his trail.
everyone meet clayton fox.
he is a wolf from brazil who clearly likes to be almost naked…

he looks like he doesn’t know english very well.
you know the type.
he wouldn’t make a good husband,
and probably doesn’t know how to say “shoe” in english,
but will eat the hell out your groceries in his native tongue.
sometimes that’s pretty much all you need.
a non-english speaking fwb who understands “orgasm” very well.

largei’ll allow it.

lowkey: i hear the brazilian wolves/hybrids/foxes are like no other.
dominican and puerto rican what?

pictured credited: clayton fox

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “At Least Clayton Fox Knows “Naked” Very Well”

  1. Fine as hell I bet he knows fuck in English very well😏

    P.S. When I was working at the airport we had lots of Brazil flights coming it every morning and the beauty of the men off them was amazing. Even the regular looking ones were like a 10. Plus it was easy to flirt with them since they didn’t know English all that well😈

  2. Learning Portuguese after Spanish is officially on my checklist. I need me a trip to Brazil as well as the D.R!

    Yup he still foooine!

  3. Yea that foxholer was me, fool. From what I know about Brazilian men in bed is that they are aggressively passion in bed where they like to be in control because when you let them enter you, you are giving them permission to have their way with you. And another thing I noticed the tops like to slap the bottoms on the face.

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