Another One Bites The Dust (Quit)

e1f3e30afdb331bb0486b8222502568668559c9f_mso someone else left the job today…

not getting fired this time.
it was one of the older vixens in my department.
well not old,
but she is up there.
been at the company for a good 8 years.
she actually was contemplating to leave at the end of the year,
but she didn’t like where the department was headed.
she was actually really nice.
always complimented me on outfits.
filled me in about how my new boss wrecked this department.
the boss before her was so much better.
surprised i lasted this long because she has seen so many come and go.

tumblr_inline_mmbbt4jQUf1qz4rgpit was sad to see her give her two weeks,
but she is pretty much over it.
she actually told me first before she went to my boss.
i was really appreciative for that.
she trusted that i wouldn’t tell anyone.
not my style.
she told me to stay there for a year,
get my money together,
and get out to do something i love.
she said i have a light that needs to shine out of this office.

“they don’t deserve you honey.
don’t get stuck here like i did.”

i can’t.
i seriously can’t.
little did she know that i’m already on the same page.
liar liar was talking about getting her friend in the company later on today.
two of them?

tumblr_inline_n60ibtbIfq1rhignxi nearly threw up.

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “Another One Bites The Dust (Quit)”

  1. When people leave, be sure to get their contact information so that they might be of help to you with job leads, etc. For example, a dearly departed former co-worker might find a job with XYZ Corporation and tell you that they are also looking for someone with your skill set too.

  2. I wouldn’t feel sad for the older vixen. She’s escaping the negativity. You now not only have one person confirming you’re not alone in your thinking but two. Well three counting the guy who was just fired. That company sounds like it’s going under. Bad management will do that. I wish I had tits and a puss so I could cry and play the sympathy card. Liar liar sounds like she’s running the place. Evil people have all the fun. 🙁

  3. It seems like trend where I’m at in hospitality spa. There used to be a time when spa attendants and therapists were all buddy, buddy in the backroom. Until one day that fine black sheep of the spa, (a fine cat may I add) got fired. Now everyone is in resentment and giving two weeks notice and today found out my closest associate is moving on because the company would not allow him to advance from clerk to therapist. I find myself on the route and just locked an application today with the government for better paid and benefits. Where is this world of employment taking me? I talked about how management has lost touch with employees and our social environment as if they don’t care. Too bad, because my spa ranked high on surveys yet i wonder in a couple of year will it all fall apart. Its also funny how every job I have, something pivotal happens.

  4. That must be one stressful job man. No one can take the heat. Yea Jamari, if you really want to leave, make sure your finances are in order and another job already lined up.

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