an f-bi sent me this shot telling me it was actually deleted a couple minutes later.
derek is such a little tease,
ain’t he?
he definitely supplied enough h20 with this potential thirst trap.
next time derek…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “TEASE”

    1. Derek Tramel. I was like he looks like someone Steven Beck would know, and after some research I found out I was right lol. He was featured on here before a couple of years back in a pic with Steven as well, but he was never identified. Dude is bad af man. Shit.

      http://instagram.com/derektramel14?modal=true. Page is private tho.

      He is a personal Trainer as well, so now you Foxes can hit him up to loosen your holes and tighten your bodies lol.

      Jamari and FlyFoxx are to be dragged into the Wolf Den for not providing info and links on this dude.

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