Another Baller Wolf Pipe Gets Inducted Into “The Hall of Dicks”?

so you all know:

226529_545969408768022_1335618393_nthat’s sexy ass draya from bbw: la and owner of F.A.G.
she gets all the fine baller wolves and vixens too.
i’d love to sit an talk with her.
she has stories.
well she has an alleged new baller wolf taggin’ graffiti in that hallway of hers.
an f-bi sent me this picture:

BJ18BbTCUAEzckfand revealed they belong to him…

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 3.06.31 PMdallas cowbodys baller wolf,
orlando scandrick.
again this pairing is all alleged,
but apparently she has been with him a lot.
like his gym where he trains:

BJ18HbWCEAAAhxjlisten i don’t blame her.
no judgements here.
you see him?

i would love to add that wolf to my trophy case.
i’d shine that bad boy daily.
if draya is letting him knock that hallway down,
job well done!

tumblr_mbujsnji881qbh0eio1_500x his

x hers

lowkey: she has 1 million instagram followers.
not even mad.
is she spanish?
i always wondered what her ethnicity was.

10 thoughts on “Another Baller Wolf Pipe Gets Inducted Into “The Hall of Dicks”?

  1. I bet you Draya’s vagina smells like spoiled milk. The sad thing is that this dude has daughters and is messing with this girl who has no respect for herself. Jamari I’m also surprised you haven’t done a post on Rihanna and Chris Brown and those 2 groupies Blair and Karizma he’s been sponsoring for the last couple of weeks.

      1. Yeah, those girls are the reason they broke up. People thought it was b/c of Kae but no. The dirt is all over the urban blogs especially lipstick alley.

    1. Miordu you are on top of it, I saw this post earlier at work today on my phone, but didnt comment, I was going to comment, just youtube this dude, he is blessed, I was hoping the nude pics leaked when I saw this post lol, he has a future as a porno star after the NFL career is over.

  2. Her dad is black and her mom is white and Italian. So she’s pretty much mixed with white and black lol.

    I do not think she is the way she used to be. I believe it’s all in her past. I mean, she is 28, she’s not that young anymore. She’s too successful now to be slinging her pussy around to everyone. For one, people think just because a person hangs around many different people of the opposite sex that they are sleeping with them, not true. I am speaking from first hand experience here. I know a lot of women and men, and I speak and talk to a lot of people during the day, and in the past people have thought thinks because of that, but I’m just a very social person lol.

  3. OS is a cutie but I will say if your saw him in person you wouldn’t believe he played ball because of small build. When I met him he was with another baller and I’m bigger than both I could taken them both down lol.

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