all the homophobic males attend orgies with a majority male attendance

i haven’t done any revenge on those who hurt me.

The Universe always puts on a better show for me

i hardly react too negatively to homophobic jackals and hyenas.
95% of the time,
they tend to get caught up and we all attend their public shaming.
an anti-gay political jackal ended up having to resign from his position because…

A politician from Hungary’s ruling party has apologised for breaking COVID lockdown restrictions in Belgium to attend what local media reported was a full-blown orgy.

József Szájer, a longtime representative of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party, unexpectedly quit as a member of the European Parliament (MEP) on Sunday.

On Tuesday, it was reported in Belgium that police had broken up a sex party involving 25 people above a bar in the centre of Brussels, only several hundred metres from the Belgian capital’s main police station.

Belgium is in the middle of a second lockdown, with restaurants and bars closed, a curfew in place and gatherings of more than four people in public spaces banned. The 25-person orgy broke every single one of these restrictions.

The reports, including in local paper La Derniere Heure, said that several diplomats and at least one unnamed MEP were present. The MEP is reported to have attempted to escape police by climbing out of a first floor window, and then claiming European Parliament immunity.

Later on Monday, Szájer released a statement on his website confirming his involvement in what he described as a “house party”.

The media reports about the Brussels orgy on Friday said that most of the participants were men.

Fidesz has waged an assault on LGBTQ rights in Hungary since coming to power in a so-called defense of what it terms “Christian values”.

a “house party“,
that loud moaning is what woke up the neighbors!
that keyword in the article is what always gets these homophobic folks caught up:


it never fails that a christian involved in raggamuffin mess.
so he gets caught up at a sausage party and opened himself up for the rona?

not only that,
i’m sure attending sex parties wasn’t part of his christianly duties.
unless he was there throwing holy water and all those naked bawdies.
we sleep tho.

article cc: vice

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