zednray do a no brainer and double team an onlyfans account

zednray are such a gorgeous couple.
i’m sure many of us are interested in how they get intimate.
as you know,
they are allegedly two wolves in a relationship.
so the biggest question to all of is…

Who is poking who?



well as you know,
they both launched an “onlyfans” recently.
i mean,
why wouldn’t they?

this is a really sexy picture to me.
i love how artistic it looks too.
they released a shower video as well:

imagine being with both of them in a 3some?
just meat and muscle everywhere.

they are both very sensual,
but i expect that from a couple who is really into each other.

Will they debut who pokes who on their Onlyfans?

let’s see how deep the pandemic takes us.

get intimate with them: onlyfans

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “zednray do a no brainer and double team an onlyfans account”

  1. Well, it’s a year after ZedNRay announced their OnlyFans, but I haven’t seen any footage leak, nor am I going to pay for their OF. So has anyone seen their content? If so, how is it?

    I tend to find it funny when folks speculate on who’s “the top” & who’s “the bottom” in a gay relationship; but since these 2 marketed themselves as “2 masculine black gay tops meeting on Grindr & falling in love”, I can see the interest.
    But I’m sure it’s a “vers affair” w/ these 2, which is why they never discuss their sexual roles (even when asked multiple times by fans/followers). I believe both are ashamed to admit that they each take dick, otherwise, it’d be no big deal for them to state their sexual roles (especially since their brand is basically built on them being “the hot new masculine gay black couple”).

    I wish them well, but I don’t think this whole YT couple thing is going to workout for them, in the long run. Which would be a shame, because even together they’re both pretty boring to watch. And while they’re both talented in the field of music, I don’t really see their songs hitting it big.

    But time will tell.

  2. At least from that clip they look like they’re into each other. That’s more than what could be said for the others.

    They’ll still cap and scam though lol!

    I’ll be back when someone posts the videos.

  3. The two of them are fine as hell, though this is the first time I have heard of them before. Onlyfans has really taken off in these last few months. I guess covid has a lot to do with that too.

  4. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO , NO. NO !!!!!

    Sorry.. Intimacy is a HUGE!!!!!!! part of sex… I aint filming SHIT!!!!!!!!

    There isn’t enough money in the world for me to Join ‘”Only Fans”.

    For the record :
    I am in a relationship with a very attractive male who feels that I am also attractive [this is just to show that we could do it and I could use more money ]

  5. They both claim top. They say they do other things to please each other but “allegedly” they take down bottoms together. Its just previews of a R-Rated Instagram into their bedroom. When they do what Tyrone and Johnnell are doing, then I would support it but right now, don’t do it.

    1. They just moved so they are not doing anything right now but they show everything they do together. Whether Tyrone fucks him or they give each other head. They take turns doing stroke shows. They don’t charge $20 either. They offer discounts and doesn’t go over $10

  6. Ray is the bottom. Zed is the top. It should be obvious. Zed was the skinner than Ray twink and now is built like the Hulk. He had his time to be emo and fem in France and get comfortable with himself, so he butches it up because he LOVES Ray DOWN. I mean LOVE. Zed is the top bottoms want, but don’t realize. Someone who was allowed to explore and not shamed for it. So worried about if your top took D before.

    What we really need is the workout plan. Zed was smaller than Ray is now and cut for the GAWDS! I need my glow up to be like his. I’d pay.

    1. “Zed is the top bottoms want, but don’t realize. Someone who was allowed to explore and not shamed for it. So worried about if your top took D before.”

      THAT PART!!!

      Homosexuals too busy trying to fit heteronormative lifestyles instead of creating and reveling in their own homonormativity. I hope they both fuck each other and enjoy the fullness of being gay, in love and secure in their skin and relationship. It’s so beautiful seeing two men be themselves without us projecting and speculating our own bullshit onto them.

  7. Listen I’ll be happy if they just give each other head. I don’t need to see them smash anyone or each other (though it would be nice) just suck each other’s dicks and I’ll be happier than a pig in the mud! Lol

  8. If I recall Jamari…you (or someone in the Foxhole) sourced their respective pages on RentMen where we got to see that both had nice pieces: one cut and the other uncut.

  9. They are def both smashing each other…when they’re smashing. But frfr, they probably get off on foreplay and oral stuff most of the time.

  10. I’m willing to bet Zed bottoms. They’ve dropped a few hints in their videos on youtube & Zed just looks like a bottom to me. Maybe it’s wishful thinking BUTT he totally gives off bottom vibes imo hahaha.

    1. Same. the early YT’s gave it away. I think Zed is just ashamed to be the “bottom” and the other plays along for his sake, like a good Top hehehe.

      1. Ray prefers to bottom. Zed let it slip in a video before. But he’ll probably bottom so Ray can keep his streed cred. Ray does have a child, so he still has to give off “masc” for the fans and his baby mother.

    1. The success of onlyfans is no shock.

      The porn industry is a trillion dollar industry—-meanwhile everybody denies they watch it. Onlyfans made it possible to see and experience the privates of the everyday people we have crushes on for a small fee. The pandemic created the perfect storm with unemployment on the rise and people locked in their homes. This is only the beginning. 2020 will be studied for years to come.

      1. Accuracy. In this current state. I don’t knock anybody starting an onlyfans. If you’re attractive and have a following it’s almost like a “why wouldn’t you” and the fact that you don’t have to produce XXX content if you don’t want too is a win as well. You get to choose what you display. You won’t be young and beautiful forever, might as well make something out of it.

    2. A LOT of it is a pyramid scheme 101. Everyone makes it ‘a thing’ to make regular ppl think ‘what is all this o.f. hoopla/what am I missing out on??’ Celebs and ppl w clout use that to pop up and do a quick cash grab, giving dial up level content for wifi level prices. The platform keeps falsely promoting those potential earning estimates based on how many followers a person has, as ACTUAL income, and it keeps driving the false narrative. I’d be surprised if at this point many of them aren’t just good old fashioned endorsement deals w the platform at this point.

      And porn, like any business where ur content is easily downloaded and reuploaded to file sharing sites, has been financially struggling for a long time. And I unfortunately see sooo many young gays pushing that 90s ‘porn is a trillion dollar biz’ or the, ‘who wouldn’t’ narrative so often, in an attempt to justify that, thanks in large part to social media in general, it has become the new, fresh out of hs, no education, no tangible skills nor desire to do the work to attain any, ‘gay starter kit’.

      1. @jason I agree and disagree. Definitely there is somewhat of a false narrative to get more people talking and to eventually subscribe to OF. But what business doesn’t do that at some point? Most businesses where you can profit are cutthroat and misleading. Exaggerate what’s being promoted to gain engagement to eventually make profit. It’s an old trick.

        But not every earning is hype. some of these people are legitimately making crazy money. Not even celebs. Just people with a decent following to promote their page. One guy posted his statement after being on OF for a year and made over $188,000 and that was after taxes. But Ofcourse he has around 40k followers and really attractive. Depending on who you are and what you look like, OF can really work for some.

        1. Also let me add, a lot of people on OF still do work legitimate jobs. For some people it’s a side hustle. And for others they’re using it to invest and own businesses. Not every one on there is a raging porn thot.

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