All Star

24March-Elggren+LiljenbergZzzi had an interesting dream about star fox last night…

so the dream was all over the place.
at one part,
some dude commited suicide outside a church i was attending.
his blood was on the floor and everything.
kenya moore was in another part.
i think i was telling her about the suicide.
can’t remember.
the part with star fox started with me and him on a elevator.
we were trying to get off because we were going out somewhere.
we kept getting off and on at various stops wherever we were.
we got on one that was missing pieces of the floors.
i literally had to hug the wall or i would have fell down the elevator shaft.
these two,
what appeared to be fine,
wolves got on.
they looked like janitors because the both were wearing a uniform.
not to mention the cutest one’s shoes looked nasty.
he also kept looking at me and touching me.
i dunno what that was all about.
anyway when we got outside,
it started to rain.
like, heavy rain.
i remember saying out-loud:

“omg my outfit is about to get soaked!!!”

i literally felt star fox pick me up and drag me across the street under some building.
he never spoke while he was there,
none of the dead ever speak to me,
but it felt so real.
when he grabbed me,
it felt like he was touching me.
i took it as even when tough times are happening in my life,
he will always be there to protect me.
maybe i’m reaching,
but i’d like to hope that was the meaning.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “All Star”

  1. Dude, that’s actually him visiting you.In fact, it’s probably you visiting him.You should try lucid dreaming.It’s when you become aware that you’re dreaming and then you become in control of the dream because you’re able to manipulate it anyway you want.

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