Want To Get In The Mind of a Fox?

Come on in…
Take your seats.
They are assigned with your name on it.
Gift bags are under your chairs.


A faithful reader sent me this and I had to chuckle.
I am sure we (Foxes) have all thought about one, or more, of these things…

I def have thought that why did I eat that before getting piped.
*knock on wood for not having any accidents*


  1. I fell the fuck out of my chair. Lol!

    Shit I gets mines either way though now. You wanna nut on me, I’ma make it rain on yo ass too period. Lol

  2. I think I’ve had every single one of those thoughts at some point. I’ve also mentally balanced a check book, planned out my next vacation, and figured out various friend’s relationship problems. But the “call me this/say that” moments are the most frequent.

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