The Jackal Who Wanted The Cheeks In The Gym Shower

we see all this meat in the gym and we want to touch.
i can understand the frustration.
the wolf/fox/hybrid you literally want to fuck is standing there,
in the flesh,
and your loins are on fire.
don’t get killed for it now.
well an f-bi alerted me of a jackal in chicago that couldn’t resist his urges.
so this is what he did via the chicago tribune
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When Trying To Catch The Meat Catches You

sometimes when you’re trying to checking out the meat,
you can get caught.
shit can happen.
the worse is when you trying to get it on your phone.
how do you play it off?
well an f-bi sent me this video of a:

“nearly caught,
but well played”

…experience i gave some foxhole points.
take a look
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