When Not Giving A Fuck Face Fucks You Hard

/the following entry has VERY explicit content.
viewer discretion is highly advised.

so to piggyback off that last entry,
( x “what the fuck-er” ),
one of the foxholers sent me in something in regards to it.
everyone wanted to aspire to be like aralyia aka “dikasukka”.
remember him?
( x see his work )
sidebar: i’m so sad his main site is now down.
he had some videos i wanted to see.
it seemed like a slew of dick sukkers popped up to leave their marks.
well this one hyena did just that.
he decided to upload himself in a few videos suckin’ dick,
but he uploaded one that got the attention of many.
he was getting savagely face fucked by some pre baller wolf.
this is the video for your review

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Chris Brown Starring In “Givers or Takers” With A Transgendered She-Jackal?

i needed a minute after this one.
as i always like to throw out there,
chris brown had relations with a transgender she-jackal at his house in virginia.
of course she is kissing and telling…
on november 3rd.
save the date!
so this is what she-jackal looks like…
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foXXX: Milan Christopher Gets The Cakes Smashed?

4986dc112385fso there is a video of mega attentionisto milan christopher allegedly getting smashed.
about time?
i mean he advertises his butt cheeks every other chance he gets.
im starting to think they hold all the talent.
well you be the judge.
and “not for straight eyes”:

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How Does This Work? Am I On The Top? Or Bottom?


it seems like jesse from vh1’s hit the floor made his decision on last night’s episode.
i just caught it and my mouth flew the fuck open…

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Sorry, But You Gave Him Dome Way Before The “Suing” Grace Period.

kevin-clash-elmokevin clash got down on his knees today.
he was saved by time.
i guess it’s back to your respective corners boys.
looks like you won’t be getting on that check you were waiting on…

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