1. Zen Buddha

    What I find weird about people like Justin and Miley is that they both complain about not having a childhood.Their parents may have forced them into show-business but I’m pretty sure both of them liked what they were doing.Both of them didn’t become stars until they were 13 or older so they both plenty of time to enjoy being a child.I think they mainly end up like this because of HollyWood having drugs so readily available.Katt Williams spilled the beans about those people doing Cocaine like it’s candy.They even offered him some, so clearly it’s easily accessible.

    Someone used the childhood excuse for Britney’s breakdown as well.She was on one TV show that lasted a year(I think.)She had years of not being on TV before she hit it big at 16.Britney was clearly on meth.She had meth mouth.

    I remember a friend of mine visited California and he actually got to hang around Zack Efron and some random.My friend told me that Zack was very nice but what disappointed him was Zack and the random went to a private corner in the club and they both snorted lines of coke.I didn’t believe until Zack went to rehab at some point last year.

    You’re right about Lil Za probably taking blame for Justin.Remember we both said that a few months ago when his people just happened to have a perfect explanation as to why he was with a prostitute.They might as well give it up.He’s clearly not learning because they’re not letting him.He’ll have a mugshot eventually.

    • ^damn zen what??? @ zac efron.
      hollywood opens your eyes once you go behind the scenes.
      all these people are image and PR.
      they have teams to talk for them,
      dress them,
      and make them seem like they are gods.
      i’m glad my blinders were taken off a while ago.
      i will say im always shocked about drug use tho.
      i know a few r&b chicks who snort coke like its nothing.

  2. tajan

    SMH, you ninjas gone learn that you are Black today. Lil Za you wont get to play the White card that Justin will play everytime he gets into trouble. Much like Madonna and Mark Wahlberg before him, they will use Blacks to be seen as cool and then they will grow up and out of it and wont think about you anymore when they are on to the next new fun thing. Lil Za will probably get a few dollars to take the rap and he will be broke in a couple of years and will be sitting back at some ghetto club reminiscing about he kicked it with Justin B and smashed a lot of white bitches and some dummies will listen and think he is the man. Same story, just a different cast. They should do specials of all the great entourages in entertainment like M.C. Hammer crew etc and what they are doing now that the entertainer has fell off and is as broke as them now. All the hip White entertainers want to be Black until they get involved with the law, then they are White as snow.

  3. Lindo

    Yea when you have white friends be CAREFUL!!! When my white friends would do something stupid while I am just standing there do nothing the police would come up to me and act like I did something. Also I will never forget when my white friend, her sister, and I were playing manhunt or w/e these two white ladies call the cop on me saying I was kidnapping that girl or something. And that when my hatred for white people was growing. I feel so bad for Za for taking the blame of that stupid ass white cracker, but I am also mad at Za because he has to realize he is a BLACK MAN, public enemy no. 1 and should have know how the game works.

  4. Dean

    Justin Bieber seems to be turning into a stupid idiot with money. If he’s convicted of a felony, he may be deported from the US because he’s a Canadian and not an American. The big dummy.

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