Sup Jay…this shyt blew my mind so I had to share. I just started a new IT gig at a university and I am sitting in my office and a Jack’d message pops up on my phone and it’s from this dude and he says, “sup, i c ur close by…r u a student 2?” I peeped his pics (attached) and I damn near fell out my chair.  He tells me he’s 23 and a pre-med student. My first thought was, damn he can play doctor on me!!!!!!!  Soooooo WWYD? 
Have a safe and prosperous New Year!!!!




well thank you and i hope you have a blessed new year yourself.
“ratchet jamari” answer:
tumblr_myiz8ybExw1si245xo2_250 tumblr_myiz8ybExw1si245xo1_250 i saw the pics and he is hot.
his pipe looks like a killer as well.
i would have posted,
but it would have outed him.
listen if he checks out clean,
has no issues,
no signs of crazy or “this is a stick up gimmie all ya shit!”,
then i don’t see why not?
he is a student.
you’re in IT.
it’s not like you are the teacher or principal.
all the IT department at my last job were banging the interns.
something about a nerd who can fix a computer gets them wild pussy on demand.
no offense.
he is on jack’d for a reason.
more than likely,
he is trying to learn how to do a thoro prostate examination.
he’s looking for a willing participant s’all.
so here is his tool for the curious foxholers:
prostateexamtoolschedule an appointment and let me know how it was.

5 Thoughts on “f0xmail: Should I Play Doctor With The Doctor On Jack’d?

  1. The Man on 29 December, 2013 at 4:39 pm said:

    He think wit it.

    Go for it man. Just be careful.

  2. He’s on Jack’d.

    My advice begins and ends there.

  3. In this New Year, I’m loving ratchet Jamari, along with non-ratchet Jamari.. LMAO.

    I agree with Jay and Man, give him a chance and remember you’re grown and you can have sex as much as you want as much as you use a condom. Its just practice.

  4. whatevs on 31 December, 2013 at 9:48 pm said:

    just wondering what if he reads this and saw you posted a pic of his bleep online lol

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