You’re Ugly and Doomed If You’re Dark Skinned

0f6cc0ddde5e7e5fcd1c74cd213cf3c9well i didn’t say it.
so it seems if you don’t pass the paper bag test of life,
or if you don’t turn red if you get slapped in the face,
then you are doomed to a life of despair.
that and working the counter at some fast food restaurant.
yes foxhole.
life ain’t pretty if you are of the dark skinned complexion.
well for vixens anyway.
the wolves are “mandingo warriors who beat the coochie up on the low”.
in our side of the forest:

drake complected
light skinned tears

extreme amounts of narcissism

…pass the test.
am i wrong?
so a foxholer sent me the following story.
it was about a dark skinned vixen and our people who hated on her.
she was featured in this video with her ex boyfriend for “elite daily”.
check it out and then see what they said about her via blackgirllonghair

This is Danielle ‘Jazz’ Noel, a pre-med Columbia student and photographer whose work focuses on capturing hip-hop culture. On February 16, Elite Daily uploaded a lighthearted video Noel participated in, where exes go through each other’s phones. Noel’s ex-boyfriend Chris was initially cast in the video and asked her to come along. It wasn’t long before Noel faced horrific taunts from black commenters, including “ape” “gorilla”, “bitch”, “ugly” and the “dirt under my fingernails”:

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 6.22.39 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 6.22.46 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 6.22.56 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 6.23.05 PM


look at these pineapples.
i wonder what color are their mamas and grandmamas?
i’ll wait.
well danielle responded to all the criticism about her look:

“Many of those attacking me for being born this way are really dealing with their own inferiority complexes unbeknownst to them, and gain a false sense of superiority by trying to make me feel like less of a person…With lack of accountability, they’re less likely to reflect on what caused them to be so cruel, which prevents them from ever looking on the inside to get to know themselves and understand their own hurt. Essentially, social media cyberbullying has ushered in a dangerous evolution of self-hate.”“I am eternally appreciative for growing up with such a strong family unit that nurtured my proper development and ensured my self-love, despite what anyone had to say. I’m someone who is very comfortable in my skin, and prefer my nose, lips and any other feature that makes me, me. I truly due pity anyone who feels the need to try to make me feel inferior.”“Natural isn’t a “trend” or a new “lifestyle;” it’s how you’re born. Don’t forget that. I actually have way more confidence wearing my natural hair. I hadn’t realize how severe my lack of confidence was back when I was straightening my hair daily.”

she also quoted an erykah badu lyric fit for the situation:

“Hate for anything stems from a fear of something.”

this is another picture of danielle:

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 6.27.28 PMi don’t think she is ugly.
she isn’t “beyonce” or “rihanna”,
but she isn’t a bad lookin’ vixen.
there is beauty there.
she has beautiful lips and she appears to be “woke”.
now i will admit,
she coulda ran a comb through that mop in the video.
it did throw me off just a little.
don’t sleep on a vixen like danielle tho.
that is the vixen who will have all the fine wolves FLOCKIN’.
talmbout she ain’t ever home because her calendar is booked.
most of the time,
it’s how you make an animal feel.
look at the destruction biggie left while on earth.
lil’ kim still can’t get her complexion together.

she is a pre-med columbia university student

she won.


lowkey: as the days go on,
i cringe at many black wolves nowadays.
the way they treat sistas is absolutely disgusting.
first is was light skinned-ed and snow bunnies.
now it’s a toss up of racial ambiguous latina hoes and passing transsexuals.

29415f9212c939dcf0af76cebfbba60ablack wolves be all confused-ed ‘n’ shit.

article taken: blackgirllonghair

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20 thoughts on “You’re Ugly and Doomed If You’re Dark Skinned

  1. I would definitely call her beautiful. I do find it funny that she is literally the depiction of everything we were told to hate about ourselves. her quote is DEAD ON tho. hate stems from fear – point blank period. people who aren’t as dark and/or with less prevalent features have been raised to thank God for his mercy and reproduce accordingly to almost guarantee we don’t go back to being as dark. I’m all for opinion and preference, but I would challenge all of those who called her ugly to really investigate the culture and upbringing that informed/informs your worldview. it’s more than a coincidence you see nothing kindred in a representation of YOU.

  2. Yea, the amount of self-hate is crazy. Yea, she does have strong features, but I would not call her ugly. People are so focused on the wrong shit, and these people claim to be woke, but they are really damn near in a coma.

  3. The only thing not appealing about her is she has a nose that would look more natural on a man’s face. In the thumbnail, I didn’t think she looked good at all, but in the picture after, she looked fine.

    What’s pathetic is that people will sit here and trash a normal girl with strong features while worshiping the people you mentioned like Rihanna who loves to put down other black women and change her own skin repeatedly while we all know her face ain’t gettin it either. But take away some melanin and add light eyes and everything is different? Big nose, big lips, but make them look more white and it’s “stunning?”

    Anyway, this is the culture we live in. Worship superficiality, fawn over anything “diluted,” pretend to care about black issues while judging our own for being REAL people.

  4. I’m not going to comment on her looks or whatever but sometimes people need to realize that these people in videos are humans with feelings too. I can’t imagine what she was feeling like when she posted that message. It must have hurt. It’s mean-spirited period. Saying all this shit for a few giggles on the internet is pretty deplorable. After all you don’t gain shit from doing that either. S/O to her for being a strong mature woman about it.

  5. I’mma explain what I meant, it must’ve seemed like I was trying to talk about her too.

    When I use the word ‘pretty’ I’m thinking of people like Lupita, and there’s a strong difference. Lupita is a model, she works to make sure she’s pretty; skin care regime, avoiding certain foods, sticking to natural things, etc.

    That does NOT mean I think this girl is ugly. She’s very attractive, and I was explaining why I thought that. She has attractive traits; confident, successful, intelligent, etc.

  6. Color Sickness is one of the most prevalent diseases in ppl of color all over the globe. This woman is beautiful I love her big lips and her big nose too bad we have been taught by the system of racism white supremacy to hate our color and ourselves even though whites try any and everything to appear black.

    What color robes do judges (justice) wear in court?
    What color do you wear one you have attained knowledge (college graduation)?
    What color do white men and women wear when they considered themselves dressed to the max?
    What do police officers wear when they are suppose to be upholding the law?
    What color do white scientist say the most powerful hole in space is?

  7. We are conditioned to believe that commercial “beauty” is the only beauty. When is it going to be time to wake up? I’m not saying everyone has to find her “beautiful” etc. but people are so blind that they don’t even recognize a beauty when it comes in a form OTHER than what we have been fed.

    Some people should worry about their own lives as opposed to criticizing someone else’s beauty because this girl is getting hers together.

    This rhetoric needs to change. It’s pathetic, and weak.

  8. A lot of Good looking people are sitting home alone. I love this young ladies beauty and strength.

  9. I want to be this girl when I grow up, her response was very on point. I know on here we playfully judge men posted in the meat post but who am I ( someone who has suffered from low self esteem about his looks and body) to call someone not pretty. This girl is the true definition of loving yourself and being true. If this was Lupita we would be praising her natural hair not saying she needs to run a comb through it or complementing the natural glow to her skin and not saying it was oily. Smh

  10. She’s not pretty and she doesn’t want to be. I don’t think they can make her feel bad anymore, she radiates confidence and seem like a nice girl with a good head on her shoulders.

    I’ve seen this happen constantly while growing up. Light skinned girls were just about always considered more pretty or cute than the dark girls. I’ve seen girls like her too, people talk shit about how dark they are but it never held them back and they got plenty of dates.

  11. Lol she’s not ugly. Keep in mind chick has zero makeup on and that’s cool, but I can guarantee if she did she’s be perceived in a different way.

    People say natural is “in” but that only seems to be the case when you’re naturally flawless.

  12. We are our own worst enemies, hell the caucasians don’t need to hate on us, we do enough of that ourselves…she may not be appeasing to the eye to most, but I’m willing to bet her substance is more attractive than these heffas whom society is claiming to be the face of “the black woman”, who’d rather purchase some damn MAC make-up and a pack of hair…than a damn education.

  13. The sad issue is that even if people dont find her attractive, why are people, especially other blacks, so eagerly and passionate about tearing her down is such a repulsive manner. Never mind that she is an educated and I’m certain, articulate sister. She has very pronounced ethnic features, which many of us or our family members have. If she was some knifed up, barely literate half breed, her dm’s would be full. I swear, television, videos, and the use of surgery has us hating ourselves more than we ever have. Centuries later and we still think black is ugly. This broke my fucking heart.

  14. I’m not trying to jump on the mean train, but she looks like Funky Dineva to me….

    But most of us should envy her. At least she can say someone liked her.

  15. She’s not a beautiful girl. There’s nothing wrong with not being beautiful, but it has nothing to do with her skin complexion because I actually do think she has a beautiful skin color and gorgeous lips. Although I wish she would pad down her face because oily face plus lighting plus camera DO NOT mix for a black person cause I should know I never take fotos of myself during summer when my face is super oily and I look like a complete mess on the camera.

    But for other black people to be calling another black person a monkey and an ape is some true self-hating. I wish they done their history before speaking because did you know places like in the Bronx Zoo (i believe) use to have black people in cages because white people actually view them as apes and monkeys?

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